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Hints, tips, and strategies for healing specific encounters

A Brief Update

First off, for those of you who are a fan of my actual WoW/healing/Resto Shaman writing, I just put a basic Resto Shaman guide up at Wowhead. I haven’t done any theorycrafting this entire alpha/beta cycle, because I’ve been very busy … Continue reading

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Healing Notes: Mythic Hellfire Assault

Recently I’ve taken over more responsibility in my raid team, and have been quasi-coordinating our healing team, picking things like healing comp and raid/tank CD uses. I thought it might be interesting to kind of document my experiences here, for … Continue reading

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6.2 Patch Notes & Upcoming Content

Just like the last time there were major patch note announcements, Hamlet and I got together and recorded a podcast covering our thoughts on Patch 6.2 Notes. Then we did it again a little later that night, because data mining … Continue reading

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Blackrock Foundry Guides

I just wanted to drop a quick note here that my Blackrock Foundry encounter guides are now available on Wowhead. They have an entire Blackrock Foundry hub, where you can find links to just about everything you’d like to know … Continue reading

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Patch 6.0.3: Raid Cooldown Overview

Contents Healer Throughput CDs Non-Healer Throughput CDs Damage Reduction CDs Damage Reduction vs Throughput MoP vs WoD Comparison Conclusions Appendix 1: Available Raid CDs Appendix 2: Methodology Now that I’m progressing steadily through Mythic content and actually healing again (most … Continue reading

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Patch 6.0.2: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

It’s been one day since Patch 6.0.2 was applied, and as Mythic raid logs accumulate, we’re starting to see some familiar trends. Before people get too worried about What This Means For Warlords Healing, I want to jump in and … Continue reading

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MoP in Review, Part 3: The Troubles with Bubbles

In this third installment of my Mists of Pandaria review/opinion series (previous posts in the series here), I’ll be tackling the topic of absorption healing and why it has been so prominent throughout the expansion. This is a retrospective, more of a historical … Continue reading

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Achievement Spam

I’ve been pretty quiet over here for a while, but I’ve been working on a few things and now I can share them all with you! I’ll try to go here in the order of what I suspect most of my readers … Continue reading

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My Endless Journey: Proving Grounds

I know I am supposed to be writing my MoP in Review series right now – and for the past three weeks – but I kind of got caught up in a different healing project, and, well, it sounds like … Continue reading

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MoP In Review, Part 2: Mana Matters

This opinion-laden post follows on from my previous MoP In Review topic, Healer Representation, and builds on themes I started to explore in the introduction. Go back and catch up there if you’d like 🙂 In the interests of full disclosure, … Continue reading

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