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6.1 Patch Notes Review – now in Stereo!

Okay, well actually, more like in mono, but whatever. The point is, yesterday Hamlet and I live-recorded, rather than live-Tweeted, our thoughts on the healer balance portions of the patch notes. We’re a little disorganised since it was a pretty … Continue reading

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Patch 6.0.3: Raid Cooldown Overview

Contents Healer Throughput CDs Non-Healer Throughput CDs Damage Reduction CDs Damage Reduction vs Throughput MoP vs WoD Comparison Conclusions Appendix 1: Available Raid CDs Appendix 2: Methodology Now that I’m progressing steadily through Mythic content and actually healing again (most … Continue reading

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Out of Office Reply

I probably should have posted this before I left, but I was pretty busy. I may not be responsive for the next three weeks because I am overseas for BlizzCon and related post-Blizzcon traveling. I am hoping to still add … Continue reading

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Through the Dark Portal: Warlords Pre-Launch Celebration

A couple of weeks ago, the @Blizzard_ANZ Twitter account posted something about a Pre-Launch Celebration event being held in Sydney, featuring WoW designer Ion Hazzikostas. I replied to the Tweet in a joking way, not even necessarily sure I wanted … Continue reading

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The Hamlet and Dayani Show?

A.K.A. “Because I needed another project…” ūüėČ Hamlet and I got together today (let’s ignore the fact that it was 3:30am for me) and recorded a little podcasty-kinda thing where we just generally chatted about healing topics, primarily things that … Continue reading

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Patch 6.0.2: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

It’s been one day since Patch 6.0.2 was applied, and as Mythic raid logs accumulate, we’re starting to see some familiar trends. Before people get too worried about What This Means For Warlords Healing, I want to jump in and … Continue reading

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Another Quickie: Guides, Site Updates, and My First Podcast

So, I have about 15 minutes before I have to go get ready for a party, but I thought I’d just post another little update here: 1. Wowhead Healer Guides With 6.0.2 right around the corner, I’ve updated the Holy … Continue reading

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A Quickie: Stuff I’ve Been Up To on Beta

Hey everyone, I’m still alive! *waits for you all to finish cheering* I have been rather lax here at Healiocentric, and it isn’t out of lack of things to say. I have a lot of things to say. I just … Continue reading

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Off-topic: ALT:ernative Chat’s “10 Years: 10 Questions”

As¬†WoW‘s 10th anniversary looms over us all, the ALT:ernative Chat blog is running a “10 Years: 10 Questions” project that I thought might be kind of fun to participate in. She’s posted 10 questions for anyone who plays¬†WoW to answer, … Continue reading

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Warlords Update: Resto Shaman Talents & Minutiae

There’ve been a few changes to Resto Shaman in the Beta that I thought I ought to cover,¬†since a couple of my¬†WoD Mini-Analysis posts focused on these spells and Talents in their first incarnations. This should be a “short post”. … Continue reading

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