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A Brief Update

First off, for those of you who are a fan of my actual WoW/healing/Resto Shaman writing, I just put a basic Resto Shaman guide up at Wowhead. I haven’t done any theorycrafting this entire alpha/beta cycle, because I’ve been very busy … Continue reading

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Legion Beta: Leveling as a Healer – The Surprising Result I Can’t Explain and You Won’t Believe!

There has been a lot of talk amongst the Alpha/Beta testing community about the concept of leveling as a healer. The main driver behind players feeling like they must level as a healer if they want to play a healer … Continue reading

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Quick & Dirty: Resto Shaman Artifact Gold Medals

This will just be a quick post to share some information about the three “Gold Medal” skills on the Resto Shaman artifact tree. Now that the 110 premade realm is available, I was able to play around with a fully empowered … Continue reading

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The Healer Problem, Part 1: Scaling

In my last post, I promised you I’d be taking a close look at the many factors that affect healer gameplay as an expansion progresses. And I got started on tackling the most theoretically challenging aspect – the throughput value … Continue reading

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Prelude to The Healer Problem: Evaluating Spirit

This is the first post in what is hopefully going to be a series examining what I call the “Healer Problem” – the way in which the healing role changes as players gain additional power. In my opinion, healing gameplay … Continue reading

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Healing Notes: Mythic Hellfire Assault

Recently I’ve taken over more responsibility in my raid team, and have been quasi-coordinating our healing team, picking things like healing comp and raid/tank CD uses. I thought it might be interesting to kind of document my experiences here, for … Continue reading

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Etheralus, the 20-Week Reward: A Brief Look at the Legendary Ring Mechanics

I just got my Etheralus, the Eternal Reward today, and I thought I’d post up a short & sweet summary of the way the ring works in general and for Shamans specifically. I’m sure I’ll find more data in the … Continue reading

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6.2 Mini-Analysis: RIPtide (Resto Shaman t18 Set Bonuses & Archimonde Trinket)

Thought I’d get back into the swing of things here, while I have a bit of a break from live raiding this week, to post a quick vignette about the way the t18 set bonuses and the class-specific Archimonde trinket … Continue reading

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6.2 Patch Notes & Upcoming Content

Just like the last time there were major patch note announcements, Hamlet and I got together and recorded a podcast covering our thoughts on Patch 6.2 Notes. Then we did it again a little later that night, because data mining … Continue reading

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Blackrock Foundry Guides

I just wanted to drop a quick note here that my Blackrock Foundry encounter guides are now available on Wowhead. They have an entire Blackrock Foundry hub, where you can find links to just about everything you’d like to know … Continue reading

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