6.1 Patch Notes Review – now in Stereo!

Okay, well actually, more like in mono, but whatever. The point is, yesterday Hamlet and I live-recorded, rather than live-Tweeted, our thoughts on the healer balance portions of the patch notes. We’re a little disorganised since it was a pretty impromptu thing – maybe 30 minutes after the patch notes were posted? – and we didn’t have a great deal of theorycraft results yet, but we still managed to talk for nearly an hour about the changes, why the specific talents were chosen, what we think they’re likely to do for talent balance, and of course, the benefit of Tweeting while in-game 😉

We still don’t have a title, but click here to listen to our 7th healer discussion podcast – patch note notes! And most of the theorycraft results are now in, so as you listen, you can follow along with the numbers in HealerCalcs.

Also, I’ve been remiss in not posting a little link here each time I do one of these. If this is news to you, and you want to catch up on the previous 6 shows as well, you can use his podcast tag to find them all. 🙂


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