Out of Office Reply

I probably should have posted this before I left, but I was pretty busy.

I may not be responsive for the next three weeks because I am overseas for BlizzCon and related post-Blizzcon traveling. I am hoping to still add some content to this site while I am away, but that will depend on how much fun I am having! 🙂

In the meantime, I just finished up a huge project for Wowhead – strategy guides for the 8 Warlords dungeons – so if you need your Dayani-writes-too-much fix, check those out.

My Twitter will probably be blowing up with pictures from BlizzCon and the Wowhead party and whatnot. If you are coming to BlizzCon I would love to meet you, so please come find me!


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8 Responses to Out of Office Reply

  1. Moonspeaker says:

    Thanks for guides! I think your link has a stray character in, but I was able to find them easily enough.

  2. Onepromise says:

    Just wanted to stop by and show some love on the guides. They are awesome, much respect and appreciation!

  3. Jabari says:

    Since you’re out of office, I’ll just leave you a quick voicemail:

    “Is it just me or are the Resto Shaman level 100 talents all horribly terrible?”

    • Dedralie says:

      I don’t think so, but they aren’t very useful in *dungeon* content. I’m using Cloudburst for dungeons (now that they fixed it so it really does only heal injured players, it’s not as bad as I first reported, but I still find it very difficult to use well). In raiding, I think High Tide will be extremely useful and our usual go-to unless we’re literally incapable of getting Chain Heal to bounce normally. I wish we could have Cloudburst as an option for heavily spread fights, but since the healing is centred on the Shaman, not the Totem, I think it’s a bit flawed for that purpose (unless we get to stand in the dead geographic centre of the encounter area, but how often will that happen? :P)

      • Jabari says:

        Hmm, when did they change Cloudburst? I’ve been using that in both 5-mans and in MC, and it’s been doing on the order of 1% of my healing. I’m alternating that and HST (usually, I still can drop both at once in panic-time *shrug*).

        High Tide seemed neat, until I realized that a single Chain Heal cast ate TEN PERCENT of my mana bar. 😦 Also, stuff was way out of range an awful lot. Do the High Tide extra bounces benefit from the Glyph of Chaining extra range – that would help a lot.

        Storm Elemental just does nothing, unfortunately. (It’s good dps for Elemental, though!)

      • Jabari says:

        Ok, I found a setup that I actually like. 🙂

        Echo, Unleashed Fury, High Tide. Glyph of Chaining.

        Icy-Veins rips on Unleashed Fury (they say that PE is the only real option), but UF gives you a couple of amazing options – Unleash->Riptide for a Super-HoT on the tank being the best. (And the damage model seems to really support it well.)

        (PE in all truthfulness gives you Reinforce (which is great), but that’s really it. The 10% throughput for 2 minutes is ok but hardly gamebreaking. It’s too small to be a “real CD”.)

        Echo is just good. It’s a little weird to handle mechanically at times, but even when both spells are down, going UL->Riptide->UL->Surge/Wave is great when everything comes off CD. I didn’t like it at first, but I’m a fan after using it for a while.

        Glyph of Chaining because more range is better (and also gives more eligible targets so High Tide works a bit better). You can’t really spam Chain Heal anyway – it costs way too much mana to be doing that and if you need that much throughput, it’s time for Tide or Ascendence anyway – so I’d really rather maximize the Chains I do cast.

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