The Hamlet and Dayani Show?

A.K.A. “Because I needed another project…” 😉

Hamlet and I got together today (let’s ignore the fact that it was 3:30am for me) and recorded a little podcasty-kinda thing where we just generally chatted about healing topics, primarily things that we had wanted to say last week on Wowhead Weekly but didn’t get to.

He’s hosting it over at his blog, so you can find it here:

I’ll note that we’re pretty amateur here – just recorded a conversation in Mumble, and probably weren’t as candid or comfortable as we might have been without that little blinky red light – so view this as a trial more than a finished product. Let us know what you think; if this sort of thing seems generally interesting we may do it again whenever we have a backlog of topics to talk about 🙂


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10 Responses to The Hamlet and Dayani Show?

  1. Elesion says:

    Small off topic comment,

    But Dayani, long story short- I have been a raid healer since Cata and have experience with all the healing classes, but going into WoD im thinking of… dropping my healing mains and going into DPS. (sad to consider i know). But this is mainly due to me being jaded with being a healer since SoO- we are always needed until we are not needed then benched for extra DPS, then further down the content then forced to re-gear DPS since alot of fights did not require that many healers (which i know is less challenging due to gear swap changes, but still). Then there is always the case where some healers will always perform better for certain encounters while others will be not as effective- esp with all the mobility requirements comming in WoD and elimination of instant cassts for healers!

    Im at a point where I am trying to decide if I want to continue with the roller coaster ride of healing demands going into WoD or swap to DPS main?! What to do D: D:?

    • Dedralie says:

      Hi Elesion, and welcome 🙂

      Look, it’s a tough question. I’m struggling with a similar issue, in that my raid team has 6 amazing healers alongside me, for a total of 7, and Mythic encounters don’t really need that many (4-5, it’s looking like). So if I want to raid as much as I can, I at least need to be competent in a DPS spec. That’s a pretty tall order for me and I’ve been working on it and dreading it the whole Beta.

      That said: when some guildies of mine were complaining about variable Mythic healer-counts in raid testing, Watcher responded via Twitter that he was planning to up the raid damage on the underhealed fights to ensure a core of 5 was necessary. With the removal of so many hybrid healing CDs, and the shift in healing design to make heals a much less significant portion of a player’s health bar, as well as the dumbening of smart heals, meaning actual players are still required to actually target actually hurt people – I think there’s a good chance that we won’t be dropping healers *too often* in Mythic progression. I can’t say for sure, of course – we haven’t seen a new round of raid testing with the most recent balance changes.

      I can tell you that I’m loving WoD healing, when I get to heal, but ultimately you have to follow your heart and decide if stability of raid slot is more important to you than healing vs DPSing. Don’t let what’s happening now in SoO – or what happened in 5.4 SoO – deter you from doing what you really love, whatever that may be. 🙂

      • Elesion says:

        Thanks for the belated welcome, I actually started reading your blogs since maybe i wanna say alittle over a year ago?

        Me and DPS can work, im a proficient player in a DPS role, the only problem is managinig secondary/tiertiery stats on gear to be effective. Always feels that you need to compete for 2 sets of gear to be effective and then others dont always prioritize you what you need since your a “healer” or “off-dps” or vice versa. I am not sure, if I will be invested into mythic raiding this time arround. Just as many others, real life scheduling causes conflict with set scheduled raids- but blizzard has largely solved this problem with flex mode and cross-realm “oqueue” type group browsers- which is great! So atleast I can do all the normal mode content at my own pace/time.

        I do what somewhat miss organized raids where the ppl you know and play with and the connection and understanding on how each will perform. pugging content there is always that level of uncertainty and of course those “people”.

        So have you decided which healing main you are going to go with for your first round of progressions?

      • Dedralie says:

        Always Shaman 🙂 My guild doesn’t believe in asking or expecting people to play more than one class for our raids – our raid leader is really vocal about hating class-stacking, haha – and Shaman is my true passion.

  2. Elesion says:

    You know how shaman healers always are right? :D, underperform in opening tiers and OP later tiers!

    • Dedralie says:

      You know, everyone says that, but I always feel very strong early in an expansion. I think because I prioritise Mastery, which means I can do more healing for less mana during the mana-starved phases. (I also go heavy Crit early in an expansion, or as heavy as I can get.) Perhaps, too, it is because I spend a lot more time on Beta getting familiar with my class than my co-healers do, because I have a lot of free time and relatively few ties to live servers once we stop formally raiding 🙂

      • Elesion says:

        So, from beta testing tell us! if we glyph chain heal with the 3 second CD for double the range… do we have enough mana regen to use chain heal on CD with end game dungeon gear?

  3. Maria says:

    Hi there! I have a question 🙂

    I am very interested in how racials come into play when talking about healing output, albeit the differances usually are pretty small. Among the new Alliance racials in Warlords of Draenor, which one do you think is the best choice for optimizing the healing output of a mistweaver monk?

    At first glance I thought that dwarves’ new racial “Might of the Mountain” sounded pretty good given it increases critical strike bonus damage and healing by 2%. Which is nice since crit is an important stat for mistweavers and the bonus to damage is welcome when using Crane stance.
    Night elves’ new racial “Touch of Elune” only gives a 1% increase in crit, however since it shifts into a 1% increase in haste during nightime I am thinking this might be beneficial somehow? Do you think one will be able to use this racial in a smart way, doing different things during day versus night?
    I was also curious about gnomes’ racial “Expansive mind” which gives an increase in maximum resource by 5%. Does this have an affect on healing output and if so, how does it function? I find myself a bit confused about it.
    What about Pandarens’ “Epicurean”? 100% more of the stats from Well Fed does not sound so bad in theory but is it comparable to the other racials in terms of healing output?

    Also, regarding the increases in crit, does this apply to Xuen? Do you know?

    • Dedralie says:

      Hi Maria, sorry that I took so long to get back to you, but I’ve been traveling the past couple of days and had a pretty busy schedule!

      Unfortunately I don’t really have a good answer to your question, because I don’t actually do a lot of theorycrafting about stuff like stat weights and racials myself. However, Hamlet’s HealerCalcs ( does support racials so you can change your race and see how the racials would augment your healing.

      I’m not really sure what Expansive Mind does beyond its initial 5% extra mana. If that is all it does, then all it adds is another 8,000 mana to your total mana pool during a fight (which includes starting mana, base regen, regen from spirit, and potions). Since your total mana pool can be something like 600,000 over a 6-minute fight in entry-level WoD gear, 8,000 is a pretty tiny amount. If it also affects your base regen, then that might be a bigger deal – hmm, I can probably hop on Beta and answer this now.

      Looks like Expansive Mind does not affect your base regen, so yeah – 8,000 mana is around 1.3% extra mana for a fight at the start of the expansion, and as you gear up, that proportion is going to decrease. It may interact in some way with Mana Tea, I’m not sure exactly, but either way it is probably not a massive increase. Mana is important in Warlords, but perhaps not so important that you have to play a gnome if you want to succeed 🙂

      • Maria says:

        Thanks a lot for your answer (I’ll have a look at the link because it seems very interesting!). Really nice to hear your thoughts about the subject. You are right that the racials won’t make much of a differance, but it’s cool to compare them 🙂

        Keep up the good work with your blog and other platforms 🙂 Hope you had a nice trip!

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