A Quickie: Stuff I’ve Been Up To on Beta

Hey everyone, I’m still alive! *waits for you all to finish cheering*

I have been rather lax here at Healiocentric, and it isn’t out of lack of things to say. I have a lot of things to say. I just haven’t been finding a lot of time to say them, because I’ve been spending so much time on Beta. This post will be sort of a run-down of all the fun things I’ve been doing, that have kept me away from all of you lovely people for a while.

Before I begin, I just want to say: I love healing in Warlords. Love. The dungeons feel challenging and have a lot of BC flavour, with interesting trash mechanics that can’t be simply ignored, and in raid tests so far I’ve used a larger subset of my toolkit than ever before. Mana matters, choosing the right target to heal matters, and healer balance is mostly okay. I’m enjoying myself again, and after a year of SoO, Warlords is like a breath of fresh air.

So anyway, on to the rest of the post!

1. HealerCalcs

This is Hamlet‘s baby, but I’ve been babysitting it for him on occasion. HealerCalcs is a comprehensive multi-spec spreadsheet that models individual spells as well as healing rotations. It’s incredibly powerful and flexible, and while it is still a work in progress, it’s really fantastic for getting an overview of how each healing spec is performing.

Perhaps its coolest feature is that it allows you to set a “Filler Ratio” – the time you spend using a cheap filler versus an expensive filler, for classes that have that option, or alternatively, the time you spend waiting around if you only have one filler option – and then calculates the advantage of adding more Spirit/regen to your gear. The assumption is that additional mana is converted to additional healing (either by turning your dead time into casting time, or by shuffling some casts from cheap filler to expensive filler). This is pretty awesome because as it stands in Warlords, you don’t have enough mana to be chain casting your expensive spells, so the Filler Ratio/Marginal HPM numbers will hint at how important Spirit will be for you. But there’s a lot of cool features, so poke at it a while 🙂

My involvement in the project – other than hours of theory discussions – has been primarily to test and verify all of the spell data that’s used to generate the healing estimates on the sheet. This was time-consuming, especially since a lot of changes to spells aren’t documented in data mining or patch notes and I only find out about them through researching the Beta forums or experimenting. This has left me with a really strong impression of the spell strengths and weaknesses for each healing spec, and I feel like I’m more conversant in healer numbers and mechanics than I ever have been. It’s pretty awesome!

2. Content Testing/Guide Prep

I have done, seriously, like, a buttload of dungeons. I’ve tested every raid boss. I’ve done all the LFRs. I’m working on CMs. It’s kept me very occupied, but I hope it will all be worth it, for the in-depth guides I’ll eventually produce.

3. Spec Guides

I’ve been asked to continue my work on the Mistweaver Monk and Holy Paladin Wowhead guides for 6.0, and to take over the Restoration Shaman guide as well. So I have been spending a lot of time on Beta getting more comfortable with Monk and Paladin healing, and a lot of research and talking to people to get some perspective on what players are doing to be successful in raids. HealerCalcs helped a ton here, too.

4. Proven Healer

A huge, contentious point of Warlords of Draenor is the Silver Proving Grounds requirement to be able to queue for Heroic Dungeons. Because Proving Grounds became my obsession earlier this year (both on Live and in Beta), I thought I should stay up-to-date with them and keep testing once the content was rebalanced for the new expansion.

So far I’ve done up through Gold on every spec, and achieved Endless Wave 30 on Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, and Mistweaver Monk.

I’ve also obtained the Silver medal as a Mistweaver entirely in the new Stance of the Spirited Crane, and have worked on Gold, but I’m not quite there yet (thinking I’ll try this again soon, now that I remembered about Touch of Death).

Overall, I feel that the Silver requirement is not too onerous for healers – especially since Heroic Dungeons in Warlords are much more challenging than they were in Mists of Pandaria. Silver is nothing compared to the pain of healing Heroic Everbloom!

The way PGs scale up to meet your gear level, rather than forcing you into an unnatural playstyle by scaling your gear down, is a new development that I know a lot of you will love. As it turns out, Proving Grounds on Beta do have a “minimum iLvl” below which they will not scale down – and that is set to iLvl 615, according to Watcher on Twitter, which is higher than a PvE premade starts with (although you can get close with a few dungeon items and the Spirit gear off the Flaskataur on this realm).

Beyond that, what I’ve determined is that:

  • Your party’s health pools and damaging abilities increase as your item level increases;
  • The health of the enemy mobs increases as your item level increases;
  • The enemy’s damage increases as your item level increases;
  • The rate at which enemy health/damage scales up is small, with a high base value, meaning that it is NOT advantageous to try to do PGs naked or with only a weapon equipped;
  • Items in your bags count toward your iLvl when determining the difficulty of the PG scenario. This is intended to remove the advantage of unequipping a weapon just before a wave spawns, to artificially deflate your iLvl, then re-equipping it, but it means that you should put any higher-iLvl gear you don’t want to wear (e.g. non-ideal trinkets, or off-spec items) in the bank before you begin.

The last subtlety of PG scaling that I’ve noticed is a bit difficult to explain, but I hope the graph below will help. The X axis is showing my item level, and the four different data sets represent the amount of damage the enemies deal with their melee hits (blue) or AoE attacks (yellow), my Spell Power (green), and the size of my Healing Surge (red). I hope you’ll see a few things leap out at you:

The scaling of enemy damage, player Spell Power, and player heal size against iLvl. Note that all these factors track closely with Spell Power.

The scaling of enemy damage, player Spell Power, and player heal size against iLvl. Note that all these factors track closely with Spell Power.

First, that Spell Power itself wasn’t linear. I had to create these sets by equipping mixtures of terrible and awesome gear, so sometimes I had an awesome weapon and bad gear, making my Spell Power higher for my iLvl than you’d expect, and other times I had a bad weapon with awesome gear, making my Spell Power lower for my iLvl than I’d expect.

The second thing to note is that, the size of the enemy’s attacks actually tracks with my Spell Power very well. Where my Spell Power dips, so too does the data for the enemy’s damage dealt. This leads me to believe that, at each iLvl of gear you might have, the game has a “base difficulty” that you simply can’t skate under, e.g. the mobs will do at least X amount of damage at X iLvl, and at least Y amount of damage at Y iLvl. But on the flip side, the game also pegs the difficulty to the amount of Spell Power (or, I guess for melee, Attack Power) you have, such that if you have more than the usual amount of Spell Power for that gearset, your enemies will scale up a little more to try to keep the difficulty even.

If you end up going in with a gear set that vastly undershoots the amount of Spell Power you’d expect to have at its iLvl, you will be making it much harder on yourself. However, if you’ve built a set that has more Spell Power than the game would expect at that iLvl – like by using crappy quest greens and a Garrosh Heirloom weapon, for example – the enemies will be tougher, deal more damage, and your party will require more healing. You’re not making it easier on yourself by doing any sort of iLvl-related shenanigans.

And that’s a great thing. Go into PGs with the gearset you are most familiar with, and you’ll meet a challenge that’s consummate with your capabilities. Try to screw with it, and you’ll probably just make it worse on yourself.

I’ll be doing Proving Grounds guides this expansion – I particularly want to cover Silvers extensively, to get you all into the awesome Heroic Dungeon content. I’m hoping to produce videos and guides for a range of talent choices for each class, especially where it makes a big difference to your playstyle (like the Level 45 Talents for Paladins, or the 75s/100s for Discipline Priests). And I’ll be aiming to provide information on what to do if you’re struggling, not just how to be awesome at it. So if you have any nuances or questions or thoughts you want me to address with these guides, please do leave a note 🙂

5. Learning to DPS

I’m in a guild with about 25 people, 7 of whom are healers. Our healers are the most dedicated, talented, and amazing set of people I’ve ever played with, and none of us want to reroll for Warlords. But Mythic raiding can’t support 7 healers, with only 4-5 necessary for each fight, and so it’s inevitable that at times we will have to play our off-specs.

As such, I’ve put some substantial effort into learning to Elemental on the Beta. I’ve been raid testing as Elemental a lot of the time, been doing Challenge Mode and Heroic Dungeons in Elemental spec (this is mostly because most of my friends are healers and someone has to :P), and been working on Elemental Proving Grounds.

So far I think it has gone okay. I’ve had some strong showings on the meters, and when I look at logs of raids with other Elemental Shamans in them, they’re doing about the same DPS as I am.

I am in no way giving up on healing. How could I? I love healing in Warlords so much. It’s great. But I’d rather occasionally spec Elemental than spend 50%+ time on the bench because we have too many healers, so … I gotta do what I gotta do. Ultimately, spending more time with my guildies is good for me, and that’ll outweigh all the grumbling I do every time I have to shift forward a few yards to cast Earthquake >:-|

Also, I made this bad-ass lookin’ cake for my birthday at the start of the month:

Dobostorte, inspired by Serrinne :)

Dobostorte, inspired by Serrinne 🙂

What have you folks been up to lately?

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29 Responses to A Quickie: Stuff I’ve Been Up To on Beta

  1. Talarian says:

    Ahhhh, Everbloom. I still haven’t done any heroic stuff on Beta. I really ought to give it a whirl, but at this point we’re so close to release I feel I should just….not spoil it for myself.

    Nice work on the PGs though! Really good info there!

  2. Leo says:

    I remember when you loathed DPSing, saying that you were terrible at it! *bops you on the head*

    I should be on beta more but I’m just relaxing and enjoying myself on live at the moment.

  3. Chuonnasuan says:

    Really excited to see that Proving Grounds scales up to you – it annoyed me that PG in MoP relied on strategies that only applied in early raids/gear and didn’t let you really test new gearing or stats strategies

    • Dedralie says:

      I actually think this mechanic is going to keep me out of PGs after I do my initial wave of Proven Healers shortly after launch. I think it’s going to be impossible for them to keep it balanced across tiers if it has to scale so fluidly with iLvl. I don’t want to walk in there and feel like it’s super easy now because I hit some weird gear breakpoint where my heals are much larger than incoming damage (you can see this happen in the low-500s on my graph).

      That said, since I was never a competitive type, it won’t really matter 🙂

      • Chuonnasuan says:

        I’m also thinking of a scenario where you come to PGs later in the xpac and wan’t to practice. eg my shadow priest wasn’t getting much love so I wanted to skill up disc and try holy when SoO was current.

        The biggest problem with that idea, of course, was the trauma you had with endless priests:-)

      • Dedralie says:

        Yeah, it’ll be great for learning current practices later in the x-pac 🙂

  4. fringetastic says:

    Hi Day! Thanks for posting this, it is another good read. Very interesting stuff about the scaling in the PGs. I’m looking forward to your guides, as always!

    I see now why you’ve been doing more DPSing even though you don’t like it. I think it says a lot about your guild and guildies that you’d rather DPS with them than heal with other people.

    I’m very ready for 5.4 to be over! With all the testing you’ve done in beta, will you get tired of this first tier in Warlords pretty quickly?

    • Dedralie says:

      Hey! Yes, my guild is full of wonderful people. They’ve all been so great to me, and it’s hard for me to feel like I can fit in amongst a crowd, but I do feel like that here, so they’re gonna have a hard time getting rid of me 😛

      I don’t think I’ll get tired of the first tier; I tested the first tier of MoP just as – if not moreso – extensively and still had a blast. I have near limitless energy for dungeons so long as they’re actually challenging, and as far as raids go, well, I’ll be excited to heal all the ones I’ve only DPSed, and I’ll be excited to improve my healing on the ones I already healed, and whenever I’m stuck DPSing I just know that’ll make my guides that much better. 🙂

  5. Nzete says:

    I main a healing priest with a druid first alt. Played monk at the beginning of MoP until H Bladelord (lol disc priest = win), and I’ve played a fair bit of resto shaman (lfr mostly though – love the totems).

    With that for context, I made a premade of each on the pve level 100 realms and with that crappy gear did the proving grounds silver healer with each. And came up with…

    Best – druid – holy priest — shaman ————- disc/paladin ———————————monk- suckers.

    Paladin struggle was mana, discipline struggle was triaging the raid damage (if I can’t prevent it, healing it up is hard), monk struggled with does direct healing (ie not letting the tank die – had to use zen sphere on the tank at all times to manage to get through). Discipline might make a really stellar tank healer with clarity of will.

    Also, why did they think that premade healers would need zero spirit? Might be fine on a druid, but the pally went OOM. I used the beacon of faith talent to get the reduced mana cost healing on the beacon of light target to scrape together enough mana to get through.

    The scaling nature of proving grounds probably makes them more useful as “testing this talent” type exercises instead of waiting in line for lfr to inflict it on strangers instead of your raid. I think that proving ground dps might be slightly better at adhering to mechanics than lfr dps. (However, I still wish that I could get in mumble with them and yell at them.)

    • Dedralie says:

      Yeah, the lack of Spirit on the PvE premades is pretty silly. However, they did put some Spirit items on the Flaskataur so that you could test them out — I like to take credit for that since I debated this with Watcher one day on Twitter when he was asking why we all go to the PvP realm for raid testing 😛

      Your ranking is pretty similar to mine, except that I would have swapped Monk and Disc. I found Monk tank healing to be very strong, what with Enveloping buffing Soothing, Statue Soothing included, and Surging being instant. (Admittedly as “single-target” healing, i.e. swapping to and healing up an NPC ASAP after spiky single-target damage, like Chomp in Gold+, they seemed to lack a little when I didn’t plan & prepare for it.) It’s always interesting to see how people fare with their differing experience levels – I’m way unexperienced with Priest which is probably why I’d rank Disc so low 🙂

  6. Ashleah says:

    Thanks for the update! But can I just ask a few questions? I’m currently trying to compare live and beta build of mistweavers, mostly figuring some spells out. I know there are no addons on beta, but what sort of addon do you use to log data on live servers when you theorycraft? And what program do you use to record videos, like the PG testing? It would be very helpful if you could share 🙂

    • Dedralie says:

      You can use SOME addons on Beta – just search Curse or something for “beta {whatever addon you’re interested in}” to see if there’s a compatible version. I know Skada works for sure, if you’re interested in logging. And I think someone somewhere is maintaining a list of WoD-compatible addons. I’m just not sure where (I know, I’m so helpful, right?).

      I don’t like to run addons on beta, because they always tend to break right before an important raid test and then I am all stressed and ARGH!, so I haven’t been using Skada. I just use the Warcraft Logs uploader and /combatlog commands to make all my logs. However, a lot of stuff I do just by casting spells and looking in my combat log. I’m kinda low-tech 😉

      For videos, I use the recording function in OBS, a popular bit of freeware that many people use to stream. It can be pretty daunting when you first open it, but I’ve found it relatively easy to use so long as I don’t care about being fancy (and I don’t 😛 ) 🙂

  7. Friendly Shaman Friend says:

    I’ve never posted here before, but you seem someone knowledgeable (and also play shaman), so I figured maybe I could see if you might be willing to give some advice. I’ve played resto shaman for all of Mists now, 14/14H for a while now, etc. I helped start my guild after our old guild fell apart after Dragon Soul, so we’ve been 10 man for the whole expansion. We’re almost to our Mythic roster (being fairly selective in recruitment). Our weakest part of our raid team is the healers, and so I’ve taken it upon myself to play whatever was needed and best suited our other healers for WoD (I have all 5 at 90). I was originally planning on playing druid, but a returning raider and 3 or 4 14/14H resto druids all showed up within days of each other, so that went out the window. We currently have a Disc priest (probably holy in WoD) and a paladin. We’ve recruited a second priest for WoD, which means I’m down to either staying shaman or going monk.

    Now, I’ve read a LOT about healing and the gripes each class has, but I still thought monk wasn’t quite as bad as people were making it out to be. I also thought shaman was worse than it was. I haven’t had the chance to test any raids, unfortunately (even LFRs), so I was curious what you thought the merits were to adding a monk or shaman to a raid, given what you know about healing in WoD, your experience with the encounters, and the general strengths and weaknesses of both.

    I realize monk may (and probably will) launch a bit weaker than shaman, all things considered, but I’m thinking more in terms of covering the weaknesses of our other healers (Hpriest, Disc, Paladin, Druid). I’m also (perhaps naively) hopeful that 6.1 will rebalance anything that is out of whack too much. For example, I feel (with the recent buffs to it) that monks potentially can provide great spread raid healing with RnM and Uplift, and the 2 piece meshes really well with having a bunch of RnMs out while getting gaining multistrike (at least, I *think* it’s benefiting the already out RnMs). I, like you mentioned above, also felt they had really solid tank healing — as long as you planned ahead.

    Shaman, meanwhile, feel in a solid place. What I disliked most about shaman (even though I do love it!) was some of the clunkiness of High Tide/Riptide/Echo of Elements. I worry that High Tide will require Glyph of Chaining to be useful in Mythic encounters, and I worry that Echo is a bit too rng to the point where you need to glyph Riptide to make High Tide useful — which totally negates the huge buff the initial hit of riptide got. Obviously they have great stacked healing still, but I feel holy priest, paladin, and druid all do as well — which was my main point of consideration when pondering going monk. I want to choose the class that best complements the other 4, more so than just picking the class that is “better” on paper, in a raiding vacuum.

    I’m really torn, even though everyone tells me it’s clearly shaman, no matter what scenario I come up with. Perhaps I’m attracted to monk simply because it would be a change of pace, but I still think there’s something unique to the playstyle that ultimately could synergize well with our other healers and fill in the weak spots. I know that was stupid long, and I apologize. I’m just really torn on which direction to head, and I really don’t want to make a mistake!

    ~Perplexed Shaman

    • Dedralie says:

      Hi there, Friendly Shaman Friend, and welcome 🙂

      Honestly there aren’t a lot of niches in healing anymore; although Disc and HPal seem to be shaping up as primarily tank healers, all of the other healers are pretty equivalent in terms of raid healing.

      So let’s break this down. You have a HPal and a DPr, so tank healing is pretty much set. RDru and HPr both have very similar raid healing toolkits – efflo/sanc on the stack, renew/rejuv as filler for quasi-AoE healing, WG/very frequent but weaker-than-WG CoH for smart AoE healing with a 30-yd radius. Efflo is pretty powerful, but only heals 3 targets at a time; Sanc is lame as it always is. Stacking doesn’t hinder any of this, so RDru/HPr are equivalently useful for spread/stack healing.

      Shaman brings insane CDs to cover the gaps between Tranq and DHymn, which your healing team lacks a little because PW:B and DA aren’t as strong in WoD’s model as they were in ToT and SoO (I should really get to my raid cooldowns post for 6.0 and beyond, shouldn’t I.) But if you don’t enjoy High Tide/Riptide glyph or EotE, then your Shaman spread-healing is going to be limited to HST, Cloudburst, and whatever you can do to convince your raid to stay within CH radius of one another.

      Monk CDs are not as strong as Shaman CDs when you factor in Shaman Mastery. LC is not a great tank CD especially when you have Hand of Sac, Pain Suppression, Ironbark, and even a GS. And the math I have says Revival is great, but a lot of raids don’t really plan to use it the way they plan to use other CDs like Tranq/Hymn, and the fact that it is instant does make it a little weird for certain mechanics like sustained damage. But you would bring the possibility of stronger spread healing than a Shaman, with Pool of Mists/ReM/Uplift. Between recharge times though – if you plan to use Pool of Mists to hand out a bunch of ReMs quickly before a specific damaging event like, say, Tectonic Upheaval on Tectus – your spread healing is limited to channeling Soothing Mist on injured targets.

      It’s a tough call. I think your raid already has adequate options for both stack and spread healing, and while personally I value the cooldowns that Shamans bring over the potential of adding Uplift to your healing composition, I could see either fitting in well. If you’re attracted to Monk, there’s absolutely no reason not to play Monk – ultimately, whatever is more fun for you is probably going to be the best choice, both in terms of your happiness and your skill at the class. I guess I just posted all this to say follow your heart because either option is great for different reasons 🙂

      • Friendly Shaman Friend says:


        I appreciate the response. I realize, like you, that “niches” are probably gone for good, though I do think with the way tank damage and healing has the chance to become more important, some of that will return — even if double beacon from holy paladins can potentially make it trivial.

        Having done a bit more work in Proving Grounds, I found I could coast through endless on my shaman with little difficulty. I lost at Wave 20 because I was watching something on my iPad next to me, and I basically was only paying 50% attention. With Elemental Blast, I never really went below 50% mana, and I had nearly no issues keeping the tank up (until I stopped looking at my screen!). With monk, I had a hard time getting past wave 4-5. Some of that is surely comfort level; I’ve healed all Mist heroic bosses as a resto shaman, after all. My experience with monk is much more limited. That said, I still felt the limitation of the class in a small group setting. RnM feels particularly weak compared to Riptide’s initial hit and heal over time component. I realize there is a reason for this — the fact it heals 3 people and that (as of recent changes) is a smart heal again — but it does make healing dungeons, and probably Challenge Modes, slightly less interesting than Soothing Mist spam.

        I haven’t done the math, but I, too, find Revival stronger than I think most believe it to be. I think it could use a very small buff, perhaps, but what bothers me is more chi generation outside of crane stance (since it’s basically either casting RnM when you don’t have to or spamming surge, which is a mana hog) and the relative weakness of Life Cocoon as a healing cooldown. What I really like about monk is the potential I see — I really like the way the spec plays off multistrike not only as additional healing but ultimately a way to get more RnMs out there (and thus more chi), as well as the tier bonuses (though that’s only a one tier thing). I think that drew me in more than the actual output of the class. I see potential in it, but I fear the potential may not completely reveal itself until 6.1 or later — if it even does.

        I think at this point I’ll probably stay shaman, but I greatly appreciate your help. The more I tested shaman, the more I appreciated the fact that, even though some nerfs were required to make it so, more talents, like Elemental Blast, Conductivity, and Echo were more viable in WoD for resto. I’ll continue to check back here and read your posts, as I find them a good read. If I happen to change to monk, I’ll make sure to let you know just how terrible I ended up being!

      • Dedralie says:

        I struggled a lot with Monk PG too when I started on them. Somewhere in this post I link to my discussion of Proving Grounds, you may want to check it out some; I have a whole section on how I went with Monk, and while some of it is obsolete for Beta, the general ideas may still help 🙂 Monks are definitely at a disadvantage in small group content. I relied on Enveloping Mists and damage prevention a lot.

        Do stay in touch and let me know how you go! 🙂

  8. Nyonjia says:

    I’m really interested in your thoughts on the challenge modes. It seems from first blush that the timers are _riiiidiiiiculously long_ I know they are intended as place holders right now. What times are you finding? I was doing many of these dungeons in heroic just dreading CM’s because of the size involved. What have you been finding?

    • Dedralie says:

      Well, thanks to various vagaries of scheduling, bugged fights, beta downtime, lag, d/cs, and healers having to play their DPS offspecs unskilledly in order to fill out the group (that’s me, haha), I haven’t finished many of them. I think that I’ve only completed Grimrail Depot and Slag Mines, and both of those were learning runs with people who hadn’t seen the dungeons before. So our times are around the 1-hour mark.

      I did Everbloom today (though we couldn’t finish, because of d/cs and scheduling issues), and that was shaping up to be under an hour – again, with people learning the content.

      My realm’s best Slag Mines time is 17:56, so I think that when these things are all retuned we’ll see the completion times coming down a lot. Not having invis pots available to us on the consumables vendor is making it harder to optimise our times given how casual we as a group are about things like leveling professions on beta 😛

      I have loved the CMs so far, they’re a bit different to MoP CMs but in a way that I’m happy about. You can’t just rely on AoE stuns/CC and burning trash packs down quickly; trash mechanics matter, choosing your targets matters, and single-target CC matters (at least, if you don’t have an insanely OP Brewmaster killing everything with Chi Explosion and draining all your mana in the process, haha). The bosses are taking more time and effort than they do in MoP CMs as well, which I find refreshing.

      But they’re definitely overtuned right now. I am certain that the developers do not want hour+ CM times – they want it not to feel too punishing if you have to reset because you made a mistake late in the run, they want speed runs/competition to flourish and that will be a lot less likely if the dungeons take more than probably 30-40 minutes to complete. While right now I’m loving it because it reminds me of BC Heroics, that is not the model that CMs are designed for, and we’ll see them tuned down before they go live, I’m sure. 🙂

  9. Lala says:

    This is easily my favorite blog about WoW ever. Keep up the good work. you make healing interesting.

  10. Phillipuh says:

    As someone who is designing a raid and has to fill in as a healer, how much of a disadvantage are paladins at? I’ve read through some of the comments, particularly “Friendly Shaman Friend” and “Nzete” and it’s obvious that as a raid healer, Paladins are lacking.

    Currently we have in our raid:
    Holy Paladin (confirmed)
    Resto Druid (likely joining out of necessity, unsavory personality)
    Priest (tentative spec and likely joining)
    Myself as an inexperienced Holy Paladin

    Beyond that, we have players who are experienced with most healers and willing to go where needed, but I’m unsure of where they stand on raiding at the moment, they got burnt out on SoO in the last month.

    With Paladins being primarily a tank healer, it seems silly to double up on them with so many options, right? Would I be better utilizing the month before WoD picking up another AoE healer?

    I know it’s a very general question and many of my healers are tentative, but hey. I can only do so much. I’ve talked my Paladin Healer friend down from the edge, but frankly I’m worried to go HPal as well simply because I’m inexperienced myself.

    • Dedralie says:

      Okay, I have calmed down from podcast jitters and had a good sleep and I can finally address this 🙂

      HPal raid healing is a bit lacking, yes. Holy Radiance is a pretty restricted heal, and while I don’t agree with the many Paladins who say it isn’t worth using at all, I do admit that as a spammable AoE heal it is the most restrictive and the least beneficial outside of the melee stack. That’s what LoD is for, of course, but with the reduced rate of Holy Power generation/the increased mana cost of doing so if you lean on Holy Radiance to generate, LoDs can be fewer and farther between than other similar heals (e.g. CoH, WG).

      So most of a paladin’s AoE healing will likely be done by swapping Beacons around and using their single-target heals to spot-heal injured players while other healers use their (relatively weaker, in WoD) AoE healing to top off the rest. Because smart heals don’t automatically fill up the lowest-health player anymore, this role/playstyle is still quite valuable, but I don’t know how many people you need actually performing that role in your raid, y’know?

      Overlapping classes is probably undesirable if you can avoid it; more diversity of healing styles and cooldowns/utility type stuff is probably going to be better. But, as you say, you can only do so much, and I don’t think that having two HPal will stop you from progressing, it’s just perhaps a little less optimal than it could be.

  11. Friendly Shaman Friend says:

    As far as the question above me goes, I did quite a bit of testing on beta as a paladin (originally though that was the gap I’d have to fill), and they’re in decent shape. Like Disc, I think the new healing models hurts their shielding a bit, and the nerf to the fact healing your beacon provided holy power certainly nerfed holy power generation and thus their overall output. That said, in my experience, are fine, if not the absolute best right now. Double beacon is still really powerful (though perhaps less necessary if you already have beacons from the other paladin), and their stacked healing with radiance and LoD is still pretty good. I’m still someone who values diversity, so I’d probably put a shaman, second priest, or monk in there instead of another paladin, but I really do think all content will be able to be completed with the content you have listed above, so if it’s what you have and what you’re comfortable with, it’s probably fine enough.

    I came back with a question of my own. It’s pretty obvious Blizzard wants shaman to really gear towards mastery again. At the moment, I mainly focus crit with a bit of haste. Do you have any idea what the approximate stat priority for Resto shaman in WoD will be? Obviously it’s all subjective, to a point, and changes based on the other healers in your comp, but the 5% mastery buff and the fact that resurgence stayed makes me think crit and mastery will be the way to go. With hastepoints gone, haste loses a bit of value, I’d think. I also feel, just through gut feeling, that multistrike will be our weakest stat. All of this, however, is absolutely not math based and just intuition, thus the post. Do you have any specific plans for how you plan to gear in WoD, and, though it matters much less, 6.0 and Mythic SoO?

    ~Friendly Shaman Friend

  12. Friendly Shaman Friend says:

    I just looked at the Wowhead 6.0 Resto Shaman guide. Not sure if that’s you or not, but they have haste last (which was sorta my gut) and then multi and vers above it, respectively, with crit and mastery on top. It has intellect over them all, however — will that likely be the case in Mythic SoO to the point I should regem pure reds? 6.0 certainly is changing a lot, but I’m fairly excited.

    • Dedralie says:

      That is me 😛

      I have done very little theorycrafting for the fragment of time in which we will be raiding MoP content with WoD mechanics. I call this “magical unicorn fairyland time” and just dismiss it in my head because we aren’t going to learn anything about our playstyle or our viability in *real* content from applying new and unfinished mechanics to old content. So my basic answer to you is “I dunno, meh, stats, whatever” — which is typically how I feel about calculating stat weights anyway, haha 🙂

      That said, the value of any stat drops with the more of it you have, and right now in Siege of Orgrimmar gear we all have a TON of Intellect. Secondaries are probably still going to win out over Int in this gear, even post-squish, so you probably don’t need to re-gem. And once we get into proper WoD, our gems will all be secondary stats anyway (no primary stats are available AFAIK), so putting Intellect up at the top is kind of just a technicality 🙂

  13. Friendly Shaman Friend says:

    Yeah, this is an even wonkier flux period than normal, with the introduction of the new stats and everything. Monks and Holy Priests require multistrike and there’s…….basically none. I was more just trying to find math on haste vs. multistrike. I feel multistrike would be weak, but at the same time, with how high uptime is on chain heal, how important mana (in theory) should be, and the fact that the new model and new passive 5% bonus should benefit mastery, I still felt haste may be even weaker. I’m sure we’ll know more math once everything is actually released. Thanks for all you do!

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