A Brief Amp Trinket Update

I’ve already added this information to my Amplification trinkets post, but here I’ll do it in short form for quick reference since the information may be getting lost amongst the older content of that post.

In 5.4.8, the following changes have been made that affect Amplification trinkets:

New Amplification trinket values in 5.4.8

New Amplification trinket values in 5.4.8

  • 8 more additional item levels are available through Valor Point upgrades.
  • Wearing two Amplification trinkets now provides a multiplicative, rather than additive, effect for Spirit, Haste, and Mastery, which is a buff to players already wearing 2 of these trinkets.
  • The effect of wearing two Amplification trinkets on your Critical Strike effect is weirder, but is halfway between the additive and multiplicative values.
  • All healer specs can now proc the Intellect proc of the Purified Bindings of Immerseus via auto-attack.

If you are wearing two Amplification trinkets of the same iLvl, the table below will help you determine exactly how your stats and Crit effect will be affected:

The secondary stat boost and critical strike bonus from wearing two same-iLvl Amplification trinkets.

The secondary stat boost and critical strike bonus from wearing two same-iLvl, fully Valor upgraded Amplification trinkets.

Update: I’ve also modified a Google document my friend Frozenorange made, to show what this’ll look like if you have two different iLvl trinkets (click the image to enlarge it so you can read it, haha). The numbers here are truncated to 2 decimal places, which frankly, should be pretty much good enough for every application 🙂

More information than anyone should ever need about dual Amplification trinkets.

More information than anyone should ever need about dual Amplification trinkets. Click to enlarge!

You can use this information to reverse-engineer the Haste you’ll need to be at when you reforge, trinketless, to reach your desired Haste breakpoint, since I don’t know how many reforge programs are up to date with this information yet. If you’re aiming for, say, 12138 Haste Rating, and you have two 588-iLvl trinkets, then when you are trinketless you’ll want to be aiming for (12138/1.203415) = 10086 Haste Rating.

The change that allows Amplification trinkets to stack multiplicatively rather than additively is not big enough by itself, IMO, to make you use both trinkets if you weren’t already using them in 5.4.7. However, I know this is currently in vogue for Mistweaver Monks (where I don’t quibble – they can very easily proc the DPS trinket’s Intellect effect, and the other trinkets are lacklustre for 10-player-raiding Mistweavers), some Discipline Priests (I guess Dysmorphic, the Cleave trinket, and the Multistrike trinket are unattractive), and Selfless Healer-specced Holy Paladins (for more Mastery and incidentally Spirit). I do not see much value in this for Restoration Druids or Shamans, or for Holy Priests, but I’m sure some of you will want to play around 🙂


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10 Responses to A Brief Amp Trinket Update

  1. Anshlun says:

    Another awesome post. One day I should try out using 2 amps just to see dem stats going up 😛

  2. Píona says:

    hey, the ilvl for the immerseus trinket on nh warforged 4/4 is wrong, actual the ilvl isn’t 573 but 575

  3. Jitter says:

    LFR 4/4 should be ilvl 544, not 540

  4. Crystal says:

    a quit question..how to calc Crit effect were affected? hope u know what i mean :/

    • Crystal says:

      i’m sorry ….a quiet question right.just a spell mistake 😦

    • Dedralie says:

      Hey Crystal, I’m not 100% sure I know what you’re asking, but since you posted it here I assume it’s about wearing two amp trinkets and how to calculate the critical effect bonus you’ll get from that.

      Let’s say your first trinket has an A% bonus and your second has a B% bonus (you can substitute the numbers on your trinket for those letters in the following equation), then the way you calculate what your trinkets, combined, will do, is:


      Hope that helps, let me know if I misunderstood 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        Hi Dedralie, I’m very delighted with your detailed answer. It is nice for you to help me solve this problem. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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