SoO You Think You Can Heal: Thok the Bloodthirsty

Thok the Bloodthirsty does not want to be fed. He wants to hunt.

Thok the Bloodthirsty does not want to be fed. He wants to hunt.

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Thok the Bloodthirsty is the eleventh boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, and the final boss of The Underhold wing. He is held prisoner deep within the Menagerie, along with a bunch of random animals (trash) and several other of Garrosh’s political prisoners in the prison cells around the edge of the room. The objective of this fight is to defeat Thok, but this can only be done by freeing – and sacrificing – these Prisoners of War.

Thok the Bloodthirsty has two phases, and the fight alternates between them. Players can choose when to enter or exit phase 2, and can also choose which Prisoners of War to sacrifice at what times, controlling the abilities that Thok gains by eating them. In this sense, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure style of fight, where raid strategy could make a real difference. In reality, though, there’s kind of a right way to do it, which I’ll detail further in my Strategy Summary section.

The Thok encounter combines heavy, stacked healing requirements with frustrating spell lockouts, and alternates this with high-movement, spread phases of spiky random damage. While it will test every part of a healer’s toolkit, the most dangerous parts of the fight tend to occur while stacked up, so healers should Talent accordingly. Phase 1 healing – the hardest healing in the encounter – requires creativity, fast reaction times, and quite probably some sort of illicit vice you can bribe your raid’s Paladins with in order to get Hand of Protection. 😉

A Cry in the Darkness

Ugh, what a terrible name for a phase.

This is Phase 1, and unsurprisingly, the encounter starts in it. Three of Thok’s abilities will be the same in every Phase 1 iteration: Shock Blast, Tail Lash, and Deafening Screech. The other abilities he will use in Phase 1 varies depending on which Prisoner of War has been freed, including a breath he casts on the tank and an additional damaging ability that has no correlating ability in the first Phase 1.

In every Phase 1, Thok will breathe on the tank, inflicting a moderate to heavy amount of damage and stacking up a debuff on the tank. In the very first Phase 1, this breath is called Fearsome Roar. It deals Physical damage and leaves a stack of Panic each time it strikes the tank. Panic increases the damage taken from subsequent Fearsome Roars by 25% per stack. In later iterations of Phase 1, the breath name, damage type, and debuff varies based upon which Prisoner was freed, and I’ll expand on that more in each Prisoner’s description below.

Shock Burst comes from Thok's shock collar. I think he's doing it wrong.

Shock Burst comes from Thok’s shock collar. I think he’s doing it wrong.

Shock Blast is cast approximately every 2.5 seconds, choosing random non-tank members of the raid and dealing them moderate Nature damage. (Four players are chosen on 10-player difficulty, and 10 players on 25-player difficulty.) This is completely unavoidable damage that healers must simply heal through, and is the only Phase 1 ability that persists into every Frenzy for Blood! phase.

Tail Lash is a typical don’t-stand-behind-me defense that we should all be used to from slaying Internet dragons; players standing behind Thok when he uses Tail Lash will take moderate damage and will be stunned for 2 seconds. This occurs about every 10-15 seconds (it can be delayed based on the tank breath and Deafening Screech).

Deafening Screech will quickly become your least favourite mechanic since Loatheb's Necrotic Aura.

Deafening Screech will quickly become your least favourite mechanic since Loatheb’s Necrotic Aura.

Thok has an Energy bar, and at the start of the fight he gains Energy at a rate of 4 Energy every 0.5 seconds. Once he reaches full Energy, he will finish whatever he is doing, and then begin to cast Deafening Screech. This ability deals moderate Physical damage to all players in the raid, and also interrupts any spellcasting, locking affected players out of their spell school for 2 seconds. Deafening Screech has a very short cast time – about 0.7 seconds – so depending upon your latency, you may need to cancel your cast as early as halfway through his cast bar in order to avoid being interrupted.

Thok’s Rate of Energy Gain and Deafening Screech Intervals
Stacks of Accel. Energy per 0.5s Time Between Casts
0 4 12.5s
1 5 10s
2 8.5 6s
3 13 4s
4 18 3s
5-7 25 2s
8+ 50 1s

A successful cast of Deafening Screech also grants Thok one stack of Acceleration, a buff which increases the rate at which he gains Energy, causing subsequent Deafening Screeches to happen more frequently. I’ve built a table showing the number of stacks of Acceleration Thok has and the estimated time between finishing one Deafening Screech cast and beginning another. It’ll always be a little longer than the estimated time because Thok appears to finish a scheduled tank breath ability before starting to cast his next Deafening Screech.

Finally, when players drop below 50% health, they receive a debuff called Bloodied. If enough players are Bloodied at the same time, and are all standing within five yards of one another, Thok will sense it and enter a Blood Frenzy, which begins the second phase of the fight. (On 10-player difficulties, 5 players or more must be Bloodied and within five yards of each other in order to trigger Phase 2; in 25-player difficulties, this requires 15 or more Bloodied players.)

This interacts with Deafening Screech, the primary way by which players take raid damage in Phase 1. When the Screeches come faster than your healers are able to cope with the damage, it’s time to push Thok into his Frenzy for Blood! phase. Until then, the challenge for the healers is in pumping out as much healing as possible around the Screeches, keeping everyone alive until it’s time to initiate Phase 2. I’ve got some suggestions for each healer spec below:

Restoration-Druid-IconNature’s Vigil and Soul of the Forest are the go-to Talents for this encounter. Don’t be afraid to bloom your Mushrooms, and ask for a Hand of Protection or channel Tranquility during Devotion Aura when Screeches are coming fast.

mistweaver monk iconRushing Jade Wind is excellent for Screeches, considering it is a passive effect and can’t get interrupted. Use Chi Burst or Zen Sphere. If you somehow get silenced, Fistweave.

holy-paladin-iconDevotion Aura will prevent your entire raid from being interrupted, allowing your co-healers to use their CDs. Take Clemency so you can HoProt yourself and another healer for insane healing throughput. I like Light’s Hammer here.

discipline-priest-iconSpirit Shell is hard to use unless you can get a HoProt or during Devotion Aura. PW:S spam seems the way to go, and of course, AA/Divine Star is very strong. Time IF for the end of HoP/DA for a few more seconds of free-casting.

class_holy_priest_iconBribe a Paladin to HoProt you when you want to channel Divine Hymn. Seriously pay them anything they ask. It’s worth it! Divine Star is great here, and time HW:Sanc late in the phase so it persists until Frenzy for Blood!.

restoration-shaman-iconI’m about to say something shocking: Conductivity is actually good in this fight, since I can’t drop HR once Thok has 8 stacks of Acceleration. Given Conductivity, I like EM here. I also like PE for damage and Reinforce.

Frenzy for Blood!

When Thok senses enough Bloodied players in proximity, he will enter a Blood Frenzy. A few seconds later, he will knock the tanks away, select a target at random (excluding the tanks), and Fixate upon them. Thok will then chase his Fixate target for 12 seconds, gradually speeding up. It is important that any player chosen for Fixate make use of their speed boost Talents or abilities to gain distance early on.

Fixate: Must go faster.

Fixate: Must go faster.

Restoration-Druid-IconDisplacer Beast, Dash, and Stampeding Roar are excellent here. You could take Symbiosis: Deterrence to give a Hunter Dash for kiting purposes, or Symbiosis: Leap of Faith to rescue players from their own stupidity 😉

mistweaver monk iconTiger’s Lust is pretty awesome for kiting Thok or for helping other players in your raid kite him.

class_priest_iconAngelic Feather is great for this phase, since 6 seconds of 80% movement speed increase is better than almost any other mobility cooldown.

Once the 12-second Fixate timer has expired – or, alternatively, if Thok gets to munch on his Fixate target – Thok will gain a stack of Blood Frenzy, increasing his base movement rate. He will then choose another Fixate target and chase them around. Eventually, even with players’ movement-speed increases, Thok will be moving too quickly to kite, and you’ll start losing raid members to his cavernous maw of doom. (This happens around 8-10 stacks of Blood Frenzy.)

I'm willing to believe this is how dinosaurs kill their prey.

I’m willing to believe this is how dinosaurs kill their prey. Explosions of people-meat.

Throughout this phase, Thok will instantly kill any player who steps in front of him. Everyone in the raid must be aware of Thok’s position and the path that the Fixated player is following, to avoid getting destroyed in a ridiculously gory explosion of flesh and blood and bone.

Thok will retain Shock Blast and any additional raid-damage ability he used from Phase 1 during this phase. This means that, although players will end up being spread out to deal with Fixate, healers must try to stay in range of the entire raid and continue handling the raid damage properly. (E.g. Dispels for Corrosive Blood; see Prisoners of War section for details.)

When Frenzy for Blood! begins, a Kor’kron Jailer will rush in from the entrance to see what is causing all that fuss. The Kor’kron Jailer holds a Skeleton Key that will unlock any of the prisoner cages in the room, which your raid can only obtain by killing the Jailer. Jailers do moderate to heavy tank damage – especially when under the effects of Enrage, which increases their Haste and damage by 50% – but have no other abilities, so other than keeping an eye on your tanks’ health, there’s little for healers to worry about here.

Restoration-Druid-IconYou can remove the Kor’kron Jailers’ Enrage with Soothe.

In order to leave the Frenzy for Blood! phase, you must use the Skeleton Key to release a prisoner and allow Thok to eat him; this will quell Thok’s Blood Frenzy and return him to Phase 1 behaviour. His stacks of Acceleration and Blood Frenzy reset, and the encounter becomes rinse-and-repeat from this point. Some of the Prisoners will provide your raid with a buff or some sort of utility, and when Thok consumes a Prisoner, he will gain new abilities from them.

Prisoners of War

Freeing and sacrificing the Prisoners of War will end Frenzy for Blood! and grant Thok some additional abilities.

Thok's encounter area, with Prisoner of War locations marked

Thok’s encounter area, with Prisoner of War locations marked

There are three Prisoners of War in cells around the edge of Thok’s room; their locations are marked on the map above, with the green diamond representing Akolik, the cyan diamond representing Waterspeaker Gorai, and the red diamond representing Montak.

Akolik casting Akolik's Incantation

Akolik casting Akolik’s Incantation

Akolik will, when freed, cast Akolik’s Incantation on Thok. This spell reportedly “… has unpredictable results”, and I’ve gotta say I agree with that dungeon journal entry. Of the dozen or so times I’ve seen it cast, about 75% of the time it does nothing at all that I can find in the logs. The other 25% of the time it deals a very modest amount of damage to Thok – somewhere between 100k and 150k. You guys, Akolik is even worse at DPS than I am!

(If anyone has other information about what this ability does, please let me know. My curiosity? Totally piqued. Is there a visual effect? Does it turn Thok into a bunny rabbit? A ravenous, giant bunny rabbit with a thirst for blood? Bonus points for screenshots :D)

Acid Breath

Acid Breath

After Thok devours Akolik, which occurs after Akolik gets Thok’s attention with his Incantation spell, Thok will replace Fearsome Roar with Acid Breath, which deals heavy Nature damage to the tank and leaves a stacking debuff which reduces the tank’s armor by 25% per stack.

Thok also gains a new ability, Corrosive Blood, which he will cast frequently on a number of random raid members (2 players on 10-player difficulty; 7 players on 25-player difficulty). Corrosive Blood deals a moderate amount of Nature damage upon application, and leaves a DoT which deals light Nature damage each second. Corrosive Blood can stack, but it is also dispellable, so healers should dispel as much as possible, prioritising players with multiple stacks over players with a single stack.

Thok will continue to cast Corrosive Blood during the next Frenzy for Blood! phase, and healers will need to continue to heal and dispel the raid. Be certain to dispel the Fixate targets before they out-range you!

mistweaver monk iconRevival is best kept for the Frenzy for Blood! dispels, since it reaches 100 yards and should be able to dispel any raid member no matter where in the room they are.

class_priest_iconMass Dispel is invaluable for the post-Akolik Phase 1. It’s not quite as useful in the Frenzy for Blood! phase, but you can still get the melee pile DPSing the Jailer.

Waterspeaker Gorai's Restorative Waters

Waterspeaker Gorai’s Restorative Waters

Waterspeaker Gorai will cast Restorative Waters on nearby players once he is freed. This spell puts a HoT effect on players, restoring a small amount of health every second for 10 seconds – overall, restoring about 80% of a player’s health pool.

While the dungeon journal states this is cast on “random players”, I’ve seen up to 21 people get the heal in my 25-player raid, and the other four were dead or what Australians like to call “out in whoop-whoop”, i.e. really freaking far away. I am about 84% certain that it is proximity-based, so players should try to stay within about 20 yards of Gorai until this buff is cast.

After completing the Restorative Waters cast, Gorai will taunt Thok, and sacrifice himself to end the Frenzy for Blood! phase. Consuming Gorai grants Thok two new abilities: Freezing Breath, which replaces Fearsome Roar, and Icy Blood. Freezing Breath is the tank breath ability, and it deals heavy Frost damage to the tank. Each Breath also leaves a stack of Freezing Breath on the tank, and if the tank reaches 5 stacks, he becomes Frozen Solid.

Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid

Non-tank players can also become Frozen Solid through Thok’s new raid-damage ability, Icy Blood. This ability targets several random players (3 on 10-player difficulties, and 8 on 25-player difficulties) and deals moderate Frost damage on application, then leaves a stack of Icy Blood on the player. These Icy Blood stacks cannot be dispelled, but immunities such as Cloak of Shadows or Divine Shield can remove them.

If Icy Blood reaches 5 stacks on a player, that player becomes Frozen Solid, encased in an Ice Tomb and unable to act. Whilst Frozen Solid, the player takes 5% of their maximum health total as damage every 2 seconds; in order to free them, the raid must destroy the Ice Tomb, which has 1.18M health (in both raid formats). Healers should focus on healing the Frozen Solid targets in case this takes a while – players inside an Ice Tomb are still eligible for direct healing.

Thok retains Icy Blood during the next Frenzy for Blood! phase, so it is important for players to watch their Icy Blood stacks and make sure they are near the rest of the raid if they are getting high. Nothing is sadder than being trapped in an Ice Tomb out in the middle of nowhere and slowly bleeding to death, except perhaps being trapped in an Ice Tomb out in the middle of nowhere and having a ravenous dinosaur explode your corpse.

Warmaster Montak

Warmaster Montak

Warmaster Montak will cast Flame Coating on nearby players when he is freed from his prison. The affected players receive a Flame Coating buff for one minute, which enables their attacks to occasionally inflict additional Fire damage.

While the tooltip suggests a fairly low number, 50k-ish, in actuality each Flame Coating attack deals more like 15ok-200k damage, and appears to be affected by increased damage effects like Tigereye Brew and Power Infusion. Since this buff is only obtained by those players near Montak when he completes the cast, it’s a pretty good idea for the entire raid – save for the Fixated player – to hug Montak until the spell is cast. The Flame Coating damage is not that significant (in one kill, it did approximately 2% of the total damage dealt to Thok), but it helps shorten this extremely dangerous phase, so it’s well worth getting.

Flame Coating

Flame Coating

Once Flame Coating has been cast, Montak taunts Thok and becomes the dinosaur’s next lunch. Consuming Montak grants Thok two new abilities. The first is Scorching Breath, which replaces Fearsome Roar as the tank breath ability. This ability deals heavy Fire damage to the tank and leaves a stack of Scorching Breath behind, which afflicts the tank with a DoT. This DoT ticks for moderate Fire damage, but after a few stacks it becomes pretty significant. Your tanks may need external cooldowns during this phase.

The second ability that Thok gains is Burning Blood, which chooses random targets (3 in 10-player formats, and 9 in 25-player formats) and launches a pool of flames at them, dealing light Fire damage but leaving a puddle of fire on the ground at the players’ feet. These puddles of fire persist for the remainder of the fight – as far as I can tell; I’ve always done Montak last – and deal moderate Fire damage every second to players standing in them.

Burning Blood makes this phase the most dangerous

Burning Blood makes this phase the most dangerous

Combined with Shock Blast and Deafening Screech, Burning Blood is extremely dangerous, making this the segment of the fight where players are most likely to die. This phase must be short, to avoid losing players to unfortunate confluences of damage. Additionally, this phase is very heavy on movement requirements. Your tanks will be dragging Thok around the edge of the room, so that the raid can fill up one portion of the room with fire and then move to a safe area (that we’re just going to set on fire again, sigh).

Restoration-Druid-IconSymbiosis: Spiritwalker’s Grace will let you cast Tranquility during this phase without risking death.

mistweaver monk iconHopefully Revival will be back up from its use to dispel Corrosive Bloods in the post-Akolik Frenzy! phase, because this is an excellent time to use it. Xuen, too, if you’ve got it.

holy-paladin-iconDevotion Aura is handy again in this phase, this time for actual damage prevention rather than just cheesing the Deafening Screech mechanic!

class_holy_priest_iconDivine Hymn is risky due to Burning Blood – even if you are not targeted by it, someone near you might be – but Lightwell is awesome here.

restoration-shaman-iconBe sure to save Healing Tide Totem for this phase, as you will find your other cooldowns inadequate for healing the spread damage. Ascendance / SWG / Healing Surge spam isn’t bad, but it’s only going to do half of what HTT will.

Burning Blood will persist into the next Frenzy for Blood! phase, if there is one. Fortunately, the spread-out-and-move-your-ass nature of this part of the fight is kind of a natural deterrent for Blood Frenzy, since you’re unlikely to have enough Bloodied targets within close enough range, so you shouldn’t accidentally trigger the phase transition early. Unfortunately, the spread-out-and-move-your-ass nature of this part of the fight is also likely to kill your raid, so you know, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. Make this phase as short as possible by leaving it ’til the end and burning Thok down as hard as you can!

Strategy Summary

The prevailing strategy for this boss is to free Akolik first, then Waterspeaker Gorai, followed by Montak if necessary. (Many 10-player raid groups do not see a third Fixate phase and so do not have to release Montak.) This is done because Gorai’s raid-healing ability isn’t really useful at the end of the first Frenzy! phase, since Thok hasn’t gained a second ability to damage the raid with yet – so he may as well come after Akolik, whose Corrosive Blood ability deals quite heavy damage. And Montak’s Burning Blood is ridiculously dangerous and annoying to deal with, so saving him for last when you have already whittled away as much of Thok’s HP as possible vastly improves your chance of success.

This will look like:

  • Phase 1a and 2a: Fearsome Roar, Shock Blast
  • Phase 1b and 2b, post-Akolik: Acid Breath, Corrosive Blood
  • Phase 1c and 2c, post-Gorai: Freezing Breath, Icy Blood
  • Phase 1d and 2d, post-Montak: Scorching Breath, Burning Blood. Thok should die before Phase 2d, ideally.

The time at which Thok transitions from Phase 1 to Phase 2 is completely controllable. Some raid groups prefer to stack the entire raid together and let Frenzy for Blood! occur whenever the healers can no longer keep up with the damage, while others prefer to split the raid into two equally-sized groups and trigger Frenzy for Blood! by stacking. The latter strategy is much more controlled, since there is no chance whatsoever of accidentally pushing the boss to the Frenzy phase, but can be more difficult for the healers and is prone to accidental deaths in a way that the former strategy isn’t.

In either case, your raid should attempt to extend the first Phase 1 for as long as possible. Your DPS and healers have the minimum number of mechanics to deal with during this time, and the more damage your raid deals to Thok now, the less time you can spend in Frenzy phases or in the final Montak-buffed Phase 1 iteration.

The best way to achieve a long Phase 1 is to bring as many Paladins as possible (sigh), and chain Devotion Aura once Thok’s Deafening Screeches start coming too frequently to allow your healers to get casts off between them. After the Devotion Auras run out, the Paladins can then cast Hand of Protection on the healers, allowing them time to channel their raid CDs (Tranquility, Divine Hymn, Spirit Shell, Ascendance all benefit from this). Good use of DPS cooldowns like Ancestral Guidance, Healing Tide Totem, Vampiric Embrace, Rallying Cry and Demoralizing Banner will also help extend this phase.

It is best to use Heroism at the start, too. Yes, after freeing Montak, players get a 1-minute buff that allows them to deal extra Fire damage with each attack, which would be really nice with Heroism and Execute range mechanics, but the downside of the post-Montak phase is that there is so much fire on the ground, and so much movement, that most of your raid will not be able to use the buff to its fullest extent anyway. Using Heroism to shave more damage off of Thok at the start will drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend in any Frenzy! phase or in that final, extremely dangerous post-Montak phase.

If your raiders are skilled at kiting Thok around during the Frenzy! phases, you can get more DPS on Thok (to shorten or skip the post-Montak phase) by assigning melee to kill the Jailer slowly and having ranged stay on Thok. Just be sure to free the prisoner before Thok reaches his 10th stack of Blood Frenzy, because he is very, very difficult to kite at this point. This technique takes a little experimenting with to determine how many Blood Frenzy stacks Thok should have before your raid group needs to free the prisoner, and how many DPS to leave on Thok whilst still being able to kill that Jailer in time.

It is possible to single-tank this fight so long as you push Thok into a Frenzy for Blood! phase before the tank reaches 5 stacks of the breath debuff (you can go a little farther than 5 on the first Phase 1 breath if your raid has sufficient external CDs). This means you must either have good enough DPS that you can drop Thok’s health enough in this brief time that it won’t cause problems later during the Montak phase, or you must be able to keep a lot of DPS on the boss during Frenzy! phases. The debuffs your tanks gain from the breaths are not removed by Hand of Protection, and each one (except the Frost Phase 1 breath) increases the amount of damage your tank takes from subsequent breaths, so in order to execute this strategy, healers must be prepared with external tank cooldowns.

You will need cooldowns for: Extending the first Phase 1 as long as possible; the end of the second Phase 1 to cope with heavy Deafening Screech damage paired with Corrosive Blood; the fourth Phase 1 where players are spread out; external tank CDs if single-tanking, for high stacks of any breath debuff.

Dispels: Corrosive Blood

Debuffs to track: Corrosive Blood, Fixate, Frozen Solid, Icy Blood, and the tank debuffs Panic, Acid Breath, Freezing Breath, and Scorching Breath

Points of failure:

  • Tanks stack in front of Thok and cannot drop their stacks of whatever debuff is associated with his current breath;
  • Healers do not put out enough throughput to prevent the raid from dying before Thok enters a Bloody Frenzy (this is only possible if the raid chooses the split-group method);
  • Players targeted by Thok’s Fixate kite Thok through other players/to the Jailer instead of away from them;
  • Players do not defeat the Jailer quickly enough, allowing Thok to Fixate more than 10 times, thus becoming pretty much unkiteable, and he eats your entire raid;
  • Players do not properly handle the Corrosive Blood, Icy Blood, or Burning Blood debuffs.

Good luck! 🙂


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  11. Jabari says:

    Heh, we finally got this last night. We were actually in phase 2d, but he was only at 2 or 3 stacks of speed.
    We were really having a problem with range on the poison phase – everyone would get too spread out and that poison ticks rather hard. Finally told everybody except the current fixate target to loosely stay on one side and then we were ok.
    The other problem we had a couple times was not getting everybody back onto the “new stack point” after he ate a prisoner quickly enough, and we’d lose somebody to screeches.

    One thing that really helped us was that for phase 1d, we all stayed stacked up, and every 8 seconds or so we’d all move 3 steps to the right (the tank, too). That way we could still get 8+ stacks of acceleration and mostly stay out of the fires.

    One amusement – at one point we had him in phase 2d with all but 2 dead. They were able to kite him back and forth long enough and the Frenzy for Blood just simply wore off. It went back to phase 1a somehow. DBM was showing a hard berserk of about 30 seconds at that point – they didn’t last long enough through the screeches to see what happened, though. *laugh*

    • Dedralie says:

      Haha, that’s kind of awesome. Okay, thanks, I’ll update to note that 2d will end if you can manage to kite him long enough. And grats on the kill! 🙂

      On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 2:47 AM, healiocentric

      • Jabari says:

        Heh thanks. I don’t actually heal in that group – that’s the one my hunter lives in. (Well, I’m BM so I can Spirit Mend from my pet – does that count? 😉 )
        Our healers are Disc-priest/Pali/Shaman – I don’t think I’ve seen so many Clear Mind Tomes burned all at once then those guys do for this fight. *laugh*

        Conductivity is really good. One other resto shaman note – I _believe_ you can use Ancestral Swiftness to put down an instant Healing Rain if it runs out during the screeches.

      • Dedralie says:

        Yep, Ancestral Swiftness does allow that, I just prefer Elemental Mastery here to boost the Conductivity-extended HR and for Ascendance or AG. I can get another HR down between 1-sec screeches if I let it run out, or spam HS, under its effect and it works quite well. AS is definitely strong too, but with good planning it shouldn’t be needed, so I am practicing for heroic 😉

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  14. hoofdee says:

    how many extra seconds are you getting out of conductivity? i tried it, but it seemed lackluster to me vs. RS which is also helpful as the stacks get higher (especially with poison phase).

    we ended up 2-healing this on 10-man, and my final talent selection was EM + RS.

    • Dedralie says:

      I was able to get the full 40-sec (well, 42 really) duration with Conductivity, by using Healing Surges outside of EM, and Chain Heal+Ascendance during EM. I could get a cast off between each Roar, and I timed it so I had to reapply HR during EM which made getting that last HR down possible.

      I can see how RS/HST may be better on 10player mode where it’s covering 30% of the raid each time (assuming 2p t15 still) instead of 12% like it does in my raid. It also really depends on how long you’re trying to extend the phase (which will start to make a huge difference in Heroic, where I think Conductivity or AG will lead to significant improvements in phase duration).

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  17. Geodew says:

    “Rushing Jade Wind is excellent for Screeches, considering it is a passive effect and can’t get interrupted. Use Chi Burst or Zen Sphere. If you somehow get silenced, Fistweave.”

    Actually, SCK does not get you silenced either, as it is not considered a spell (and uses Melee Haste, not Spell Haste). Otherwise, I could see where you’re coming from.

    Further, RJW is only competitive if you can spam SooM and Expel Harm in between RJW casts, but the screech will silence you if you’re casting SooM, so at the least it’s less HPS than normal from not being able to continuously cast.

    CT is a bad option for L90 talents because right after you need the burst healing from it, you will potentially need your Roll charges for movement due to being Fixated.

    Thus I actually recommend Xuen (roughly +50k HPS for 45 seconds! Not weak), using during 1st and 3rd stack phases (it will probably not be back up for the 2nd, but if it is, use it then; the goal is to use it for as many stack phases as possible). Make sure your Statue is in the group for this. If your raid is not overgeared you should get a 3rd use either during the 4th stack phase (red phase) or during the final fixate phase following that. Use it as soon as it’s up for the third use, basically.

    Since this fight is a bit of a DPS race in appropriate gear, and Xuen does about 2 million damage per use, this is another reason to take Xuen.

    Also don’t forget to TFT ~20 seconds before the stack phase ends for your raid (takes some attempts to get a feel for).

    Monk should be able to burst pretty high for a long period of time with Xuen+TFT+stacked raid.

    • Dedralie says:

      Yeah, I definitely wasn’t going to recommend Chipedo, given there are implications to the idea of being out of the stack. I wasn’t aware that SCK isn’t interrupted (damn cheaty monks XD), and given that I think you are right about Xuen being competitive here. It was in fact my original choice, given RJW’s status as a “trap” talent, but some Monks I spoke to did not agree. I am not sure if this is something that would change in 10- vs 25-player formats? Regardless, I’ll update the post to reflect the uninterruptibility of SCK and do a bit more log browsing on the RJW vs Xuen question. Thanks, G! 🙂

      • Dedralie says:

        Meant to say, I am midway through sleeping right now so these changes won’t go through ’til later 🙂

      • Geodew says:

        Yeah I can see RJW being decent, but Xuen seems like a more logical choice to me. Of course, that all depends on exactly how much of an HPS increase RJW would be over no talent (and thus one could compare its burst with Xuen), which is hard to say given that MW doesn’t have any simulator, and on top of that Reglitch is too busy to update his spreadsheet for 5.4 until like December.

        At the very least you can say Xuen and RJW are viable with Xuen being stronger. But Xuen being stronger is just my opinion, to be fair. There is more discussion at the MMOC thread here, if you like:

      • Calebe Costa says:

        Any tips for me doing better heals? I think 99k hps is not the normal heal for a 556 ilvl mistweaver monk.

        Check my char US-Clforever

    • Calebe Costa says:


      I was kicked from a 25 raid because of my low hps 94-99k hps because of this macro:
      i was raiding with this macro since forever since immerseus til thok when i was kicked.
      US-Clforever ilvl 556 and 99k hps (i believe is normal)

      What can i do to heal on stacked phases? Rushing Jade Wind suck all Mana and don’t heal very much. i was thinking on chi torpedo 4 stacked phase.

      Please check my char and tell me what am i doing wrong. I already quit that macro and realize that is very difficult to heal.

      • Dedralie says:

        Hi Calebe, I am not sure if I understand what that macro is doing for you exactly, but in my experience macros like that cannot improve over your own instincts. For simple fights without a lot of healing to do, an automated process like that *might* be able to put out enough healing, but on Thok pretty much the whole fight is about healers doing everything they can and doing it at the right time.

        Especially Thunder Focus Tea needs to be used at specific times for your healing to be effective. And I can’t tell you exactly what time that is, as it’ll be different in every raid group depending on how many stacks of Acceleration your raid wants to get to before letting Thok go into a Blood Frenzy. Ideally you would want to have a cooldown rotation with your other healers, and you would time your TFT usage so that you could fill in a cooldown gap with a max-ReM-spread set of Uplifts.

        Furthermore, if you’re relying on that macro you’ll be channeling Soothing Mist a lot, which will get you interrupted a lot later on in the phase when his Screeches come faster. And the macro doesn’t have Expel Harm in it, so you’re overlooking a cheap source of Chi once every 15 seconds – for Thok you need to generate as much Chi as you possibly can as fast as you can.

        I also think Chi Wave is the worst choice of L30 talent for this fight. Chi Burst is probably the go-to for 25p Thok, you can use it to fill in a gap between your other healers’ cooldowns.

        What I did for Thok – keeping in mind that my Monk raids 10s, not 25s, and hasn’t raided in about three months because my guild is on a break – was run RJW even though it is expensive, and made sure to activate it before a Screech so that the Chi it gives was available for Uplifts immediately after the Screech went off, and its healing would help stabilise the raid. I used Soothing for Chi generation early in the phase, but as Thok’s Screeches became faster and faster I switched to hard-casting Surging Mists to generate Chi towards the end.

        I also used Leg Sweep once every 45sec while RJW was active, because that weirdly gives you a Chi (but ONLY if RJW is active).

        Every Chi I generate goes into Uplift, but the timing is key; if the raid was on full health I’d wait a little.

        I’d activate TFT about 10 seconds or so before I wanted to start my Uplift window, and make sure to generate 4 Chi quickly (RJW/Leg Sweep, EH, ReM, Surgings, whatever) so that I could do two Uplifts, cast Chi Brew twice, and do two more Uplifts, while my ReM was on the maximum number of targets.

        This was very mana-intensive healing, and I was usually pretty OOM by the end of the phase. I’d sometimes get to sneak in a sip or two of Mana Tea early on in the phase, but for the most part you don’t have time to drink once the Screeches start coming fast. This is another area where your macro is letting you down – I see Mana Tea in there. If this means your character stops to drink a lot during the phase, that’s a problem; you need to be pumping out as much healing as you can. If it means that you have glyphed Mana Tea, that’s a problem too – you’ll want to drink a full set of Mana Tea during the kite phase, not be restricted to getting 8% every 10 seconds.

        I hope some of this helps. I was by no means an expert at Thok healing, but at about your iLvl I was doing around 200k HPS during the screech phases (it drops a lot during the kite phase, of course).

        Good luck 🙂

      • Calebe Costa says:

        200k hps??????? WOOOW!!!!

        Is that even possible? I can’t believe that. I believe i’m doing something veeeeeeery wrong.
        Well i discover yesterday on my mobile armory that the same Raid Leader was unable to kill Thok and scheddule another try, but this time two groups of 10m. I read some forums and used the RJW and Zen Sphere. Is so weird healing without macro, but we could kill him, unfortunally on 10 man and my trinket didnt drop. We stopped on Garrosh.

        I could realize that i dont use the TFT for some reason i can’t see the necessity of that, but if what you are saying is correct i should be oom very quickly, because everytime my mana was on that fight around 60-90% so i think i’m pity of send mana lol.

        Lets see if i understand.
        For some reason our raid was doing 12 acceleration before second phase.
        On first acceleration til 5 acc i use RJW with ReM. When 6 and beyond i use the TFT with 6 ReM on players than the ability refreshes i cast one more and became a total of 9 ReM, then 12 ReM.
        With the RJW on CD it will be my primary Chi generator, with ReM and sometime Leg sweep with RjW active, and EH for some extra chi. I can use an Uplift on each Screw by a total of 4 or 5 if i’m pro.
        After that i should be about 10-20% mana considering RJW on CD.

        Tha requires practice and that raid leader, want everything correct (Because that group is a pug. I don’t core because i’m married and i must give my time to her), and practice is not an option he let me come back to that raid, because i assure him that i could do better heals and dispel the corrosive blood. On 10 man i could go up from 90-99k to 104k hps.

        Well i believe is that. Im my realm pug is very common (i don’t know bout other servers) and i believe with my brand new 556 ilvl i can do Normals more frequently. Any tips about what bosses i should coin? I know Sha of Pride is a priority because of our conversation ond the Amp Trinket forum. Lol i just imagine coin on Pride win the amp trinket and the loot of the chest com a warforged version :p Can we coin warforged gears on normals? I won my chest on Ordos.

        US-Clforever for advices on gears upgrade.


  18. Pingback: Discipline Priest Raiding Tips | Welcome to Azeroth Underground

  19. Nzete says:

    We pulled this on heroic for the first time last night (25). Going to have to rate it somewhere between “ouch” and “bite me”.

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