One Year Healiversary

Earlier this week I got a little party hat and balloon explosion while editing some random part of the site. “Happy One-Year Anniversary!”, WordPress told me, and I was like, “What? Really? Already?!”

Yes, I’ve been blogging for a year now. Granted, on this date a year ago, I was still fiddling with settings, trying to make my logo header, and only one other person on this planet besides me had actually read anything I had written. It took me six more weeks before I felt comfortable enough to open it up to a second person and see what they thought about my MoP Shaman Changes write-up. Another couple weeks after that, I’d finished Druid Changes, and wrote a brief little introductory post for anyone who happened to find me.

It wasn’t until the week before MoP was released that I started getting visitors and views here, when I overcame my shyness and started pimping out links on the official forums for players who hadn’t had the luxury of spending a lot of time on the MoP Beta. I watched my Stats page like a hawk, desperately wanting to help people with the information I’d gleaned, but also terrified. That hasn’t changed; one year in, I’m still nervous every time I hit “Publish”. I’m still uncertain that I should keep up with this, uncertain that my opinions have any merit or value to the community, uncertain that I am producing enough content…

Somehow, it was too cold in the kitchen for butter to soften, but too warm for my buttercream to spread smoothly.

I went for “Conjured Mana Cake”, and almost nailed it.

But blogging here has been an awesome and rewarding experience. I’ve made so many friends I never would have met if I hadn’t tried to get involved with the community. It’s no secret if you follow me on Twitter or even remotely know me in-game – I struggle with depression and self-esteem issues. Every time someone communicates to me that they have been helped or enriched in some way by what I’ve written here, that struggle gets a little easier. It puts a smile on my face, it makes me feel connected to the world again, and it reminds me that everyone has a place, yes, even me.

It’s overwhelming just how much support, care, and kindness there is amongst the WoW community – you wouldn’t even guess it just from doing LFR 😉 – and how amazing everyone is. You all rock!

White chocolate cream cheese icing on the sides, raspberry buttercream on top.

This is a conjured item, so if I don’t eat it before I go to bed it’ll despawn! :-O

So, to celebrate my blog’s birthday, and to thank you all for supporting the blog so far, I decided to bake a cake. It’s kind of unfair since you can’t all eat the cake with me, but hopefully you can enjoy the photos and imagine what everything would taste like 🙂

This is a “White Velvet” butter cake (made with egg whites, and incredibly tender), filled with raspberry whipped cream, iced with white chocolate cream cheese icing, and topped off with raspberry buttercream, vanilla whipped cream swirls, and fresh strawberries.

Thanks again, everyone, and I hope that next year I’ll be making another celebratory WoW delicacy — any suggestions? 🙂

I've got 79 more of these, so come on over and celebrate! :)

I’ve got 79 more of these, so come on over and celebrate! 🙂


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14 Responses to One Year Healiversary

  1. Alexandra says:

    Omnomnom! Grats on your anniversary 😀

  2. Time says:

    That cake looks awesome. Grats on your anniversary, the resto shaman community needs more awesome bloggers like you!

  3. Noodlenose says:

    The cake looks great, but as a scientist and wow player I am nourished by your sweet, sweet data. Thanks, and many happy returns!

  4. Jabari says:

    OT: Wow, did you see this? (From the 5.4 PTR notes…)
    Unleashed Fury
    Earthliving Weapon effect now applies to the Shaman, not the target.

    If that means that both UE effects apply/stack for Rain and both parts of Riptide, I’m finally going to be able to dump those dumb elementals after suffering with those things for a while now. 🙂

    • Dedralie says:

      I suspect that they will not both work for Riptide/Healing Rain, but I admit I haven’t tested this on the PTR yet. (I’ve been too busy being up to my elbows in white chocolate, and raid testing.) I will have a look and let you know! It’s about time I did an updated 5.4 post anyway, a lot of the things I originally ranted about have changed.

  5. Acorns says:

    I feel that this is the best WoW blog on the net, at least in my humble opinion.

    Kudos for making a year! Hope that cake restores delicious mana!

  6. Mortesa-RagnarosEU says:

    Yaay, you finally made that conjured mana cake! It looks DELICIOUS!!

    Grats on your anniversary. 😉

  7. Dedralie says:

    Aww, ❤ you all. You're very kind! Want I should save you guys some cake? 🙂

  8. Mortesa-RagnarosEU says:

    That would be nice but you’d also need to send it all the way over here. 😛

  9. Elta says:

    Belated grats on your healiversary! 🙂 ❤

  10. Navimie says:

    A belated grats on your blogiversary!
    I found your site through a Dark Animus picture of all things, but I think your site is amazing! Really well thought out posts and useful helpful strategies for noobs like me! Thanks so much I look forward to reading more.

  11. KyrthTheDruid says:

    I really enjoy this site. I suggest my guild members to use it and see how much the like it too. grats on your Blogiversary!! Please don’t stop updating this site.

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