5.3: Mistweaver Monk Changes

My Introducing the Monk page and the spreadsheet therein are now fully updated for patch 5.3. Swing by if you have any questions!

This’ll be a very short post, because only two Mistweaver-centric changes were made in 5.3. Mistweavers in 25-player raids now have a 15-target soft-cap on Revival, up from 6. What this means is that Revival will now heal for significantly more, per-target, than it used to.

Just to spell out exactly how this changes things, for those of you who don’t know how AoE diminishing returns work for healing…

In patch 5.2, if your Revival tooltip claimed that it would heal each target for, say, 100k, then when you used it to heal an entire 25-player raid, it would deal a total of 6*100k healing, divided evenly between all players. Each player would receive a heal of (6/25)*100k, or 24k. If you were in a 10-player raid, it would have healed each player for (6/10)*100k, or 60k.

In patch 5.3, that same Revival will heal for a total of 15*100k when used to heal an entire 25-player raid, and each player will receive a heal of (15/25)*100k, or 60k. This change brings Revival in line with the 10-player version (in terms of healing-per-target) and will add a significant bit of oomph to your previously oomphless cooldown.

Mistweavers now also get access to Nimble Brew, a 2-minute cooldown spell that removes root/stun/fear/horror effects. For the next 6 seconds, any further effects of this type will have their duration reduced by 60%. There is not a lot of use for this in raiding (Council of Elders, Iron Qon, and Lei Shen), but it may be very handy for Mistweaver PvP.

Some other Monk changes that don’t require much discussion:

  • Legacy of the Emperor’s mana cost has been reduced, making it cheaper to re-buff players who have been battle-ressed during an encounter.
  • Spear Hand Strike’s spell school lockout has been reduced to a 4-second duration.
  • Ring of Peace has been slightly altered. While it still instantly silences and disarms enemies in its area of effect (for 3 seconds), it no longer silences enemies who cast offensive spells within it – just enemies that cast spells on their allies. The disarm and silence effects are subject to diminishing returns.

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