5.2: Shaman Changes

Next up, my beloved Shamans! Once again, there’s not too much to say here. Because we’re absolute perfection, or maybe because we’re too hard to balance vs PvP? You decide 🙂

I’ve fallen quite behind on my spreadsheet-updating schedule, thanks to the urgency of PTR raid testing and also finishing out tier 14 content, so it will be a few days before I can update my spreadsheets and the more comprehensive content on the Shaman Changes page. Until then, I hope you’ll all be able to make do with this brief overview!

In an attempt to alleviate the mana burden on undergeared healers, the mana cost of Healing Rain has been reduced by 15%. Since we were pretty much going to be casting this every 15 seconds, this mana cost reduction translates to approximately 1,293 mp5 for us. That’s great – certainly everyone loves having cheaper spells! – but I worry that Blizzard is putting too much emphasis on Healing Rain, by making it so powerful and so cheap. Its mana efficiency is through the roof, and is worth casting now on 3 targets.

Most of the rest of our changes are to Talents. I’ll just discuss them generally now since I intend to do a more thorough analysis later.

  • Nature’s Guardian now preserves your health percentage when the effect fades. This is a lot more generically useful than the previous version, where the health faded when the NG effect did. I already really liked this talent, now I have reason to love it!;
  • Stone Bulwark Totem now absorbs 25% more damage, and has 10% of your maximum HP when summoned;
  • Totemic Restoration now acts as though any destroyed/replaced totem had been active for a duration of at least 1 second. I gather this is something to do with PvP and mods or macros automating totem-stomping or totem-swapping?;
  • Elemental Mastery now has a 90-second CD, down from 2 minutes. This de-syncs it from Ancestral Guidance, but does sync it quite well with Ascendance and Healing Tide Totem (you could use EM once with each, spacing them out from one another by 90 seconds, which would give you a lot of capacity to deal with frequent burst-healing needs!);
  • Ancestral Guidance now copies 60% of your healing, up from 40%, but note that since a hotfix towards the end of 5.1, Ancestral Guidance and Ascendance no longer play nicely together;
  • Conductivity now no longer requires the target of your single-target heal to be within the Healing Rain in order to splash the heal, and will now splash 30% of the healing done, rather than 20%. This still is lacklustre, but we’re getting there!; and
  • Primal Elementalist’s Primal Elementals deal 80% more damage, up from 50%.

And a few changes to do with utility and damage:

  • Chain Lightning now deals the same damage to all targets;
  • Lava Burst has been redesigned a bit. It deals 33% less damage than it does now, but will always Crit regardless of Flame Shock status. If Flame Shock is present on the target, Lava Burst will deal 50% additional damage (making it a wash, damage-wise, compared to 5.1, but sucking a little less if your Flame Shock falls off/gets dispelled);
  • Flame Shock’s duration has been increased by 25%; and
  • Glyph of Purge now incurs a 6-second CD on Purge.

That’s pretty much it!

Owing to the fact it is now … 7 a.m. and I have been up all night, I will just leave you with a link to Vixsin’s 100% mathier Patch 5.2 Summary for Resto Shaman, and call it a night! Good luck on the Isle of Thunder, everyone! 🙂


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