5.2: Paladin Changes

We’re getting pretty close to crunch time here. But I haven’t forgotten about you, Holy Paladins!

I’ve fallen quite behind on my spreadsheet-updating schedule, thanks to the urgency of PTR raid testing and also finishing out tier 14 content, so it will be a few days before I can update my spreadsheets and the more comprehensive content on the Paladin Changes page. Until then, I hope you’ll all be able to make do with this brief overview!

It’s pretty brief because, well, there’s not a lot to say for Holy Paladins. This run-down will be short on pretty pictures and pretty short on words.

There are no changes to base Paladin healing spells.

Eternal Flame has been buffed for self-healing; the HoT portion will deal double the healing if you cast it upon yourself. This was probably intended to make this Talent more attractive to Retribution and Protection Paladins. However, keeping a 3-Holy-Power Eternal Flame rolling on yourself will give your Beacon target the equivalent of a 3-Holy-Power Eternal Flame via Beacon alone, which is pretty cool. I don’t know how worth it that will be once you lose the 4-piece t14 bonus, though.

Selfless Healer has been slightly nerfed. Each stack of Selfless Healer increases the size of your next Flash Heal by 20%, rather than 33%. This was probably intended to force Retribution Paladins into picking another Talent (maybe only PvP Rets? I dunno.), but it just makes Selfless Healer worse for us and really not worth giving up Eternal Flame for.

The Sacred Shield absorption effect (but not the base buff that creates those absorption shields) is now dispellable. While this will have implications for PvPing Paladins, I am not sure how many Holy Paladins ran with SS anyway since its scaling is fairly weak for Holy.

Hand of Purity now also reduces damage taken by 10% while it is active. Frankly, I am astounded that anyone thought this Talent needed to be buffed. I know, I know, everyone is all hnnnnggh over Clemency, but Hand of Purity was so excellent for mitigating so many things in t14 where Hand of Protection and Hand of Sacrifice were not perhaps ideal choices (Stone Guards’ Rend Flesh, Amber-Shaper’s Parasitic Growth, Heroic Sha’s Huddle in Fear, Heroic Lei Shi’s Scary Fog on the soakers, etc.) that I just cannot imagine anyone overlooking it! Hopefully this underrated Talent will get some more love now.

Far less significantly, Repentance now has a 1.7-second base cast time, up from 1.5 seconds, and Light’s Hammer now snares enemy targets who take damage from it, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Specifically for Holy Paladins, Blinding Light now has a cast time – 1.8 seconds base – rather than being instant. I’m legitimately bummed about this, as I enjoy using it on trash and on adds in some boss encounters, and putting a cast time on it makes that much more difficult to do. I guess it was necessary for PvP, though. 😦

And finally, the mana cost of Judgment is now 5% of base mana, down from 5.9% of base mana. Yay?


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