More Maintenance

General MaintenanceI’ve made a few little adjustments to some of my content to up the accuracy of my spreadsheets. So here’s the short list of improvements:

  • The Introducing the Monk page should be much more accurate. I had completely missed the Power Strikes update, and I’ve also hopefully adjusted the playstyle section to reflect the way things happen in 5.1. Since I do not have a level-capped Monk, there are bound to be little errors, but I hope this is more useful now for new Monks. 🙂
  • The Paladin Changes page now properly reflects the synergy between Holy Avenger and Tower of Radiance. (Earlier in the expansion, Tower of Radiance heals did not benefit from the 30% increase that Holy Avenger provides to Holy Power-generating heals. Now, it does! Yay!)
  • The Shaman Changes page now properly reflects the 90-second CD on Ancestral Swiftness, and includes an updated look at Totemic Projection versus the other two Level 45 Talents, following my experiences with using it in raids.

Hope this new and more accurate information is helpful! 🙂


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One Response to More Maintenance

  1. rooster says:

    just found your site, what a nice one! eventough im not a healer!


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