Heroic Dungeon Encounter Guides now available

Heroic DungeonThis is just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve finally published my encounter guides for all 9 Mists of Pandaria Heroic dungeons. You can find them by hovering over the “Encounter Guides” section of the menu above, then hovering over “Heroic Dungeons” to get a list and choose the dungeon you’re interested in. In these guides, you’ll find a fairly detailed walkthrough of all the mechanics relevant to healers as well as specific recommendations for Talents and Glyphs if you are having trouble.

The guides are aimed at new healers, but also contain enough detail to help more practiced healers deal with the encounters in Challenge Mode difficulty. I haven’t gone over any abilities that exist only in Challenge Mode, though, so you shouldn’t rely on these alone! Perhaps sometime in the future, when I’ve gotten Gold on my other healers, I’ll add that feature 🙂

Please feel free to leave feedback on the Guides, especially additional tips and tricks that you used to defeat encounters that gave you trouble, or questions about stuff I didn’t properly explain.

Thanks to Vorticose/Ylenia of Pax Imperia@Dath’Remar for being brave enough to two-man these dungeons with me so I could get exactly the screenshots I wanted! 🙂

I’m currently working on an analysis of the Tsulong fight, which I hope to post soon, and also working on collating information for my Raid Encounter Guides, now that I’ve healed most bosses as four different classes. Stay tuned!


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