5.1 Updates – Coming Soon, I Promise!

So patch 5.1 hit a couple of days ago and I clearly haven’t updated to take all the healing changes into account. I am working on it, I promise!

I’m running into a bit of a hitch with Mistweaver Monk changes since I currently do not have access to a level 90 Monk. (My not-so-beloved Hamera is only level 6!) Confirming the spell scaling for all the spells that have been buffed/nerfed is kind of impossible. I could just apply the changes that Blizzard has said they’ve made, and call it a day, but … well, that’s just not my style. I mean, I probably will do that just so I can post something, but I’m not gonna like it! 😛

I should have more spare time this weekend than usual, so hopefully I’ll get this all sorted out for you soon.

Also, my Gara’jal the Spiritbinder Weak Auras was broken – either by changes in the patch, or by the updates to the addon itself, I’m not sure – so I am working on fixing that too.

In other words, nothing new yet, but stay tuned! 🙂


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5 Responses to 5.1 Updates – Coming Soon, I Promise!

  1. lithelily says:

    I can help test things, I have been meaning to figure out the new #s anyway. =)

    • Dedralie says:

      That’d be awesome! I’ve gone through my spreadsheet and reduced the healing of, for example, Chi Burst and Chi Wave by 25% as the patch notes said, and while this makes Chi Burst’s base healing match the new Chi Burst tooltip, my Chi Wave’s base healing does not match the new Chi Wave tooltip at all 😦 Did Chi Wave receive multiple nerfs?

      That’s probably my biggest question at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll come up with more as I continue updating my spreadsheet.

      • lithelily says:

        Alright for Chi Wave, I reduced the base healing and SP coefficients by 25% and I’m seeing slightly more than what my tooltip is telling me, however the actual results seem to vary with tooltip seeming to be a lower bound and my calculated number slightly under the upper bound. (I’m using the original average, here.)

        Specifically, My AP is 42634. My tooltip is 27,202 and my spreadsheet result is 27676. Most of my tests were closer to the latter, so I think the tooltip is just a little wonky.

  2. Prakalasa says:

    just wanted to stop by and mention that you got linked in the WoW Insider priest article today ; )
    quick question: Not sure if you’ve been playing your paladin much recently (I saw they were looking to recruit a new holy pally) but was on mine last night for an alt run and was playing around with holy prism. One of the alts in the group noticed I’d done some pretty heavy healing with it during our last fight and he said it had been pretty worthless before (or rather that every holy paladin I know always wants to use the Hammer). I haven’t run on my paladin in nearly a month so couldn’t really offer my own insight on this but was hoping you might have some!

    • Dedralie says:

      Yeah there was a hotfix for Holy Prism recently that stated, “Holy Prism will now always heal the five closest allies on the lowest health” or something. And in my Shaman’s new guild we were like, “… so, which is it? The closest, or the lowest health?” It’s something I’m going to try to figure out in LFR today, because I don’t really know what has changed about it.

      When I did my original Holy Paladin evaluation, Holy Prism was mathematically far superior to Light’s Hammer, especially since Light’s Hammer doesn’t apply our Mastery. So I had always wanted to use Holy Prism myself, but it just wasn’t performing in-game as well as it was on my spreadsheet, and Light’s Hammer seemed to be more commonly used, so I switched as well.

      When I switched to a US-based guild for my SHaman, I had to stop raiding with my Holy Pally’s guild, since they raid 12 hours after my other guild does – I’d never get any sleep if I raided with both guilds! So I’ve just been doing pugs/helping out my bf’s guild on occasion with that toon, haven’t had a lot of success sadly. But I am looking to find a more constant raid for it, because just one healing toon is not enough! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Prak! Good to see familiar … usernames 😛

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