Once You Pop, You CAN Stop …

Update: As of recent hotfixes, Rapture no longer multi-procs. So, like, you can totally ignore the rest of this post. I’m just keeping it for posterity’s sake.

Confirmed: Rapture multi-proccing does occur.

Double-proccing Rapture

Pretty sure Blondie was singing about this.
Click to view the World of Logs parse of this event, including many, many failed attempts to produce a double Rapture proc.

This has been particularly tricky to track down because World of Logs seems to report it inconsistently. Several times my Skada, Zorinne’s Recount, and my Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text mods all indicated a double Rapture proc, but World of Logs recorded only a single Rapture event. This tended to be the case when the second Power Word: Shield was cast shortly before the Shield-proccing damage event occured.

To further confirm, we recorded a video of it in action. I had taken off my weapon to ensure that the Power Word: Shields would pop, so at the time my Spirit was 4975, so Rapture was returning 9950 mana. It’s a bit difficult to see without frame-by-framing it (which I am very much used to doing now…), but at the time the Dread Slash damage hits, I receive 19900 mana. You will probably need to view this full-screen to see the mana bar.

Disc Priests, rejoice?


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