Sneaky Buffs and Upcoming Changes

Discipline Priests have just seen a stealth buff: Divine Aegis’ base shielding is now equivalent to 50% of the proccing heal, up from 30%, and Rapture now returns 200% of Spirit as opposed to 150%. I was alerted to this change by my guildie and all around awesome Priest friend Derevka@TalesofaPriest, and confirmed it for him in-game – these changes are live!

As a result I have quickly updated my Priest Changes page and the associated spreadsheet.

Also, Priest community: I’ve heard reports that Rapture can once again multi-proc if several shields pop at once, Lich King/Infest-style. I haven’t been able to test this yet, as my Priest only just hit 90 and I can’t figure out what encounters would have a mechanic that would break multiple shields at once that she has access to. If any of you have logs demonstrating this Rapture behaviour, I’d love to look at them!

There are a lot of changes coming up to healers – specifically Monks, but a few tweaks to other classes as well – that are currently being tested on the 5.1 PTR. I am not on the PTR, because I have enough to do already in-game, but rest assured I’m keeping my eye on them and thinking hard about how it’s going to affect you. I just don’t want a repeat of the Beta, where I had to keep changing my spreadsheets on a daily basis! It was helpful back then, with so little information available about MoP healing, but now it would just be wasted work. 🙂


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4 Responses to Sneaky Buffs and Upcoming Changes

  1. lithelily says:


    That’s going to be a pretty big have change for priests. If chain procs are really possible then this sounds like a bug. I am glad they are introducing some heal buffs and not only focusing on nerfs.

    The monk changes are going to hurt. I had some ideas for new things to add for the spreadsheet along with the updares, and I have been able to play with the spreadsheet using openoffice. I tried to do some stuff, especially the existing SCK nerf that was applied as a hotfix. However, the results were slightly off. I added a 30% nerf to the baseline heal and my stats and the healing value was underestimating my output by about 1k. =(

    The other thing I want to tinker with is to add a realistic rotation with a few options, total output and time to oom. I am sorting out the algorithms needed to do something like that, and it actually is simpler than it sounds. I am hoping to have something before 5.1 but time will tell.

  2. Prakalasa says:

    Those are awesome changes! This being said from somebody currently playing Holy. I used to switch my shadow spec to disc for every raid but after realizing I was in holy everytime we downed a new boss it became less important. Currently still only doing normals, hopefully Will down tonight and can try hard modes/ HoF but i noticed even with improved gear I still had trouble keeping mana through
    Fights or stabilizing the raid at low health. Spirit shield isn’t up for every arcane whatever it’s called on Feng etc. I’m curious to know how the multiple procccing rapture works? Also wondering If they’ll still keep the buffs to PoH that are supposed to come with 5.1.

    These changes will hopefully make disc a little more popular among us not so über healers. I really felt I had to be at the absolute top of my game to be able to use it for a non-farm boss.

  3. Dedralie says:

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you two, I’ve been raiding.

    Lithelily, yeah I agree, the monk nerfs are pretty …. wow. I really need to run some numbers to be sure about the magnitude of the nerf. I’d like to see Monks get some utility by way of compensation if the nerf is harsh – raw HPS is great, and Monks are certainly good at providing it, but take too much of that away and the other voids in their toolkit become more obvious. I’m not sure I’m psychologically prepared to revamp my Monk spreadsheet just yet though, it was incredibly frustrating the first time around! 🙂

    Let me know how you go with your rotation spreadsheet, I’m keen to see it in action. I don’t know how to do stuff like that really, so I leave it to those of you more talented than I 😀

    Hey Prak! Nice to see you! I agree that they are certainly impressive changes for Disc. I am not sure if the Rapture thing is true – it’s rumours I’ve heard, but I haven’t been able to independently verify it yet – but if it is, I agree with Lithelily that it probably isn’t intended. I mean, Disc used to do that back at the end of Wrath. In Cataclysm the developers seemed to want to get away from PW:S-blanketing the raid and we ended up with Disc Priests PoH-blanketing the raid instead. MoP is more of the same so I’d be very surprised to see them revert to Wrath-style shieldspam. Maybe I’ll comb through my guild’s logs for any multiple-Rapture events to see if I can find some verification … or perhaps I should just get my priest all geared up and into raids already 😉

  4. Leda412 says:

    I wonder when shamans are going to get a looking at…

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