… I’m not dead! I feel happy!

This is just a short update, mainly to apologise for not updating lately. I’ll give you a bit of a status report on a few things, so you know at least what I’m thinking about and working on.

First of all, I am having an absolute blast healing this content. Are the heroic dungeons challenging? No, not really. But they’re fun, and I’m loving getting to use a lot of my non-healing abilities while still keeping the group alive and helping to kill enemies. It’s great practice for Challenge Modes and for brainstorming niche/creative ways to use all the new abilities and Talents we’ve been given. And the raid, Mogu’shan Vaults, is like a breath of fresh summer air after being trapped in the musty, mothballed closet that was Dragon Soul. Seriously, I could not be happier with the content I actually get to heal! 🙂


Shaman Dominance … Shaminance?

Secondly, this site is likely to become very Shaman-centric for a little while. I will still attempt to generalise and speculate about other classes with all my new content, and I’ll draw on the advice of my guildmates and friends who play other classes in order to provide you all with hints and tips. I am just a little pouty about the amount of non-healing-time I am spending in the game, and although my Paladin is 90 and raid-ready, I am not really prepared to double my dailies burden right away. I’m sorry, non-Shamans! But having joined a new guild and starting a new tier of content, I just don’t want to overwhelm myself with alts and burn out before I can make a home for myself here.

Finally, here are some things I am thinking about:

Updates to Spreadsheets:

    • Priest sheet will be updated soon to apply the 25% buff to Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Healing, which will show up especially in the Disc Spirit Shell Calculator, and also the change that allows Spirit Shell and PW:Shield to be affected by Archangel;
    • Shaman sheet will be updated soon to tweak the contribution from Earthliving Weapon HoTs to Healing Rain’s adjusted healing;
    • Monk sheet will be updated soon to include the 30% healing nerf to Spinning Crane Kick, and revisit Zen Sphere, as well as to incorporate Lilyira’s changes to accommodate a custom Chi-healing breakdown; and
    • Paladin sheet will be updated soon to apply custom Holy Power healing breakdowns.

Updates to Content:

I have finally done the dungeons enough to be ready to provide Encounter Guides, I just need to clean up my notes and take a few more screenshots. I’m hoping to get into Challenge Modes soon but it is difficult to do them from a healer perspective when Elemental DPS is just so incredibly bursty and has great off-healing capacity. I should be able to get these up pretty quickly, once I do the spreadsheet clean-up.

I have cleared Mogu’shan Vaults and have started on Heroic modes, which means I can also start working on my normal-mode MV Encounter Guides. Heroic guides will have to wait until I feel like I understand the healing requirements of the fights a little better 🙂

New Post Ideas:

I am working on a few ideas for posts and hope to be able to provide some well-researched opinion pieces soon. I’ve got my brain thinking about editorials on the expanded role of healers in MoP, the value/role of hybrid DPS off-healing, comparisons between healing classes and what you can logically infer from them, and the benefit of talent flexibility. I was also thinking about tackling a more mathematical approach to the recent kerfuffle started by Hamlet’s blog post about prioritising throughput over regen, but I’m not sure I have the time with all my other ideas!

If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, or have an opinion on which of my ideas I should tackle first, let me know! Meanwhile, keep grinding out those dailies and reputations and VPs and vegetables and meats and *falls asleep*


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