Level 90 and already raiding :D

This is a brief update to say:

I am tired!

Got to Level 90 a little under 24 hours after launch. Yeah, it was slow, we had some internet troubles during our initial dungeon-spamming phase, and once that was over and we were out on our own, I had to spec Elemental and quest. Ew. But 12 hours later, I was up to iLvl 450, and it was time to start tackling content! And …

Sha of Anger Achievement

Despite being MC’d a lot of the fight I even managed to top healing meters, thanks to my lovely Water totems 🙂

Now I am going to go collapse. I will put up a Sha of Anger encounter guide for healers after I wake up, since it’s pretty straight-forward from a healing perspective, but updates over the next week might be a little slow. I have to get my Shaman and Paladin raid-ready, after all!



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