So I’m a little late…

… but my comprehensive overview of Mistweaver Monk healing is now – finally! – complete! Check it out here:

Introducing the Monk

I must extend my thanks and appreciation to Cpc of Mad Prophets@Dath’Remar for the generous donation of his level 90 Monk on the Beta servers; without this, I could never have completed this article! My sincerest thanks also go out to Communism of Monk and Monk, and Valen of Temerity@Windrunner, as well as Eyliria of Something Wicked@Whisperwind and Ashunera of Wind Lashed, for their assistance in exploring and documenting all the many strange, strange ways in which Monks behave.

And I must also post a disclaimer or two. Being new to “theorycrafting” (still don’t buy that I’m actually a theorycrafter!), and being generally disinclined to ever whack anything with any sort of weapon, Monk mechanics posed an incredible challenge to me. I also don’t have a great deal of experience with Monk healing, obviously, as my main priorities have been catching up on changes to my Resto Shaman main and my Resto Druid primary alt. So I am bound to have made some errors!

I invite all of you to search through my Monk spreadsheet and article with fine-toothed combs. I’d love to hear, “We ain’t found shit! from you, but I certainly don’t expect to. Please let me know where I’ve gone wrong, or what features of the Mistweaver I should focus more on!

Finally, I should note that I do not actually enjoy the Monk healing style. I find it to be aimless, far more focused on maintenance than I ever felt about my Restoration Druid, unresponsive to immediate damage, and generally un-fun. I have done my best to remain positive and optimistic about the Mistweaver healing style in my article, as I know many healers, new and old, disagree with me. I will still play a Monk, because it can heal, so I must, but I can’t promise to like it! 🙂

Extra finally … it’s time for bed. See you all in 8 hours!


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  1. Hwoarang says:

    Thanks for this.

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