Slacking off already?!

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone, it’s been a rough week. First off, the weather over the weekend was gorgeous, and I needed to take advantage of that to its fullest. So I was off hiking up what Australia – I can only assume ironically – calls mountains (seriously, they’re 800m tall, it wasn’t much of a hike!), and building back up my Vitamin D stores.

Then my dog got diagnosed with a skin tumor, which is probably nothing to worry about too much, but arranging for surgery to get it removed and trying to alleviate her discomfort has been a bit of a drain on my energy. She goes in for her surgery tomorrow, and I’ll have to look after her attentively for the next day or so after that to make sure she doesn’t have an adverse reaction to the anaesthetics.

Then, they decide to go and change a bunch of everything so I have to do a lot of Druid trials over again! And just as I’m about done with them, they push through a new build … so yeah. I hope to have Shaman (which was already updated for build 15961) and Druid current later today or perhaps tomorrow.

Priest is still coming; Discipline is giving me a headache right now with all the conditionals that can be applied to their spells, but I expect once I work that out, Holy will fall in to place rather quickly. I should have started there first 😛

I’m still on target to have my healer class evaluations up before MoP launch, but I’m not sure about healing guides and encounter guides. There’s another pass at 10man raid testing coming up soon, I think, and that should help.


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