Good News for Non-Paladin, Non-Monk Healers!

Just a few moments ago, Ghostcrawler posted the following information in the Beta Classes forum:

… paladins and monks both had some egregious bugs that inflated their healing. We actually hotfixed those bugs but then a new build broke them again. Until you get a new build or we hotfix the issues again, you are probably better off comparing druid, priest and shaman healing. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I’m looking forward to seeing what these bug fixes will do to the overall healer balance on the Beta. And I’m also glad that I’ve been saving the clearly unbalanced Paladin and Monk classes for last in my theorycrafting queue 🙂

Ghostcrawler has since added more information on his view of the current healing balance, specifically regarding Priests and Shamans and their mana concerns.

Here are some key snippets:

…When we stop seeing posts that rank Solace priests ahead of Mindbender priests, then we’ll feel like the talents are in a better spot. Not every priest wants to have to cast nukes as part of their healing rotation, and we are just not going to make Solace mandatory….

…We’re not noticing a big longevity problem between priests and druids. Shaman seemed a little low so we are examining the impact of the Water Shield and Resurgence chances. We may also lower the cost of Healing Rain….

…It’s possible mana is tighter in raids, especially 25 player, but we’re running a lot of raid tests right now and it’s just not a common theme we’re hearing from those players, which again leads me to want to understand what is going on for players who feel they are struggling….

I’m skeptical that raid testing feedback isn’t emphasising healer mana issues, since in every raid testing session I have participated in, all the healers have expressed problems with mana conservation and regeneration. But it’s encouraging to know that the developers are acknowledging the problem with Solace feeling mandatory, and are thinking about ways to fix Priest and Shaman regen.

I’m particularly concerned that the raid testing feedback includes players wearing 2 pieces of tier 12 gear for the mana regeneration bonus. This is viable because on the beta, when you enter a raid your gear’s stats are scaled up to an appropriate item level for the raid; this won’t happen when MoP goes live, though. Healers can get a lot out of those 2-piece set bonuses, and that might be the source of the discrepancy between how comfortable I feel with mana regen (since I don’t use the old tier gear myself) and how comfortable the developers are. I’ve asked this question in the Beta Class Balance Analysis thread, so I hope to get a response!


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