Officially (kinda) open!

Okay, so recently I’ve been told by a few people whose opinions I respect that I should really start sharing this information I’m developing with other people, instead of waiting for everything to be done, which seems like it might be sometime in 2015 😛

I’m not entirely convinced, but I’m feeling braver than usual today, so what the hell — healiocentric is now officially open and I’ll start making posts on a more regular basis!

For right now, there isn’t a lot to read – mostly infrastructure – but I do have some completed sections of the blog you can visit:

If you are at all curious about healing as a Shaman or Druid in Mists, you should definitely check these out. And please, if you think of anything I’ve missed or have corrections or suggestions, leave a comment or hit me up on Lost Isles (Dayani or Achene).

I’m working on Priests next, then Paladins, and finally Monk – so stay tuned, other healers!


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One Response to Officially (kinda) open!

  1. Jasyla says:


    I just discovered your blog and I’m really liking it so far. Great job on the Druid guide.

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